WFXD About Page
WFXD is known as Upper Michigan’s Biggest FM. We are on the biggest tower around. This means our signals goes and goes and goes. On-line we have tons of activity at wfxd.com. Click it once.
Because the stations goes and goes, this is why yoopers call WFXD the Blow Torch of the North.
Many of the local university students, on those late Friday nights under the stars at camp,  say the station is so soo sooo biiiiiig, that the Northern Lights glow brighter, when crossing WFXD’s ether waves. And these reports are from the educated, decreed master students from the university…But it is Friday night after all at camp. Hmm…I wonder what they are drinkin’ or smokin’?*>
WFXD is truly a local giant FM that goes for some 200 miles in the Northern part of Michigan Upper Peninsula.
WFXD does not pipe in our programming like all of the other country stations do. Now let me say, WFXD doesn’t pipe it in. We don’t believe in this. We hire yoopers to do the work up here.
For example the Gulliver/Escanaba102.5 pipes in lots of their programming. It comes from down south, or from DJ’s along a track somewhere. We don’t go for that thinking.
The Marquette 92.3 pipes in their morning and evening shows from places like Dallas and Chicago and their DJ’s live downstate or out of state. Hey that’s a bunch of flat-lander DJ’s on 92.3. We don’t go for that.
WFXD does not believe in farming it out. All of WFXD’s DJ’s are from the U.P. and reside in this beautiful north-woods. We love being above the bridge.
WFXD wonders what does Country Music mean to you?
  • Does it sing out your love song … ?
  • Does it sing your life story…?
  • Does it give you a new way to look at a situation…?
  • Or something else…?
You know, WFXD plays the songs that calms your nerves & gives you peace of mind…..
WFXD friends turn up the volume on their F150’s or Chevy pickups while going for a nice ride along Lake Superior, or listening on M-28 along Munising Bay by the Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore, or rockin’ to the Country while traveling 35 along the Lake Michigan shoreline south of Escanaba…
Our friends say besides all of the above , I love WFXD for what it is, COUNTRY…This is life. WFXD makes me laugh & sometimes cry…. There’s always something I can relate to… & I love to hear the big variety of great songs on 103.3 WFXD.com