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Pope is Person of the Year

Marquette, Mi-December 11, 2013- Pope Francis earns the title “Person of the Year” according to Time Magazine.  Although the award generally goes to a person who makes a lot of headlines, this year the award honors a person who truly embodies all that is good in humanity. Even if you aren’t Catholic, if you are […]

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A Budget Deal for Christmas

Marquette, MI – December 11, 2013: The first bipartisan budget since 1986 is a Christmas Miracle.  Evil Republicans wanted to cap spending at $967 billion (those cheapskates), while “good-hearted” democrats would prefer to spend $1.58 trillion.  The compromise splits the difference with spending of  $1.12 trillion in 2014, and another $1.14 trillion in 2015. This will […]

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More Global Warming, Please!

Marquette, MI-December 10,2013: It’s so cold right now I wish Global Warming was real!  Man-Made global warming that is… As I’ve pointed out numerous times on the show “In The Right Mind“, the earth has warmed and cooled many times in the past without the help of man. I’ve even written 4 songs about it… […]

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Shop Locally – If You Can

Marquette, Mi-December 9,2013: Do you shop locally?  More importantly… do you BUY locally?  With Christmas fast approaching, stores are full of people looking for that special something for that special someone.  Some are even looking for that obligatory gift for that person they are compelled to remember.  Either way… I hope you try to spend […]

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$10 Fast Food Burgers?

Marquette, MI – December 6, 2013 A Strike yesterday was held by fast food workers demanding a minimum wage of $15 per hour.  At first mention, many people think a minimum wage that would support a family of 4 makes sense.  These people clearly are NOT in their right mind. Minimum wage is NOT a […]

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It’s a CHRISTmas Parade

Marquette, MI – December 5, 2013 The city of Marquette is holding its “Holiday”  parade tonight. Generally I’m a fan of these things, but I’m getting a little tired of the political correctness caused by fear of those liberal nuts who HATE people of faith.  I’m not saying the city leaders are hateful… I’m saying […]

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