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A Giant Leap!

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It almost seemed like watching a NASA broadcast from the Apollo days. While most people had football and playoff baseball on the mind, something historic was taking place in the desert southwest. A man was planning to jump to earth from space, or at least as close as you can get to space with a […]

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Tigers Disappoint!

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In an exercise of sleep deprivation, I, like many thousands of others, stayed up WAY past my bedtime to watch that debacle of a playoff loss by the Tigers. I have come to the conclusion that Detroit needs to channel the 68 team, and just forget about the bullpen!  

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And We Have a Winner!

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Congratulations to Al in Marquette! He knew that the horror movie “Children of the Night”, staring Ami Dolenz and Peter DeLuise, was filmed in Calumet back in 1991. Al will take home an awesome tasting deep dish pizza from Toarmina’s in Marquette. Keep listening on Tuesdays for YOUR chance to win!  

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Hoffa Mystery Solved?

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Every few years, we hear about another tip regarding the disappearance of former Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa, and it appears it is time for another. Following a confession by a cancer stricken man on his death bed, authorities are once again on case! For all the details on this latest development, read the AP story […]

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Congratulations David!

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David Allen is this weeks winner in the Toarmina’s Tuesday Contest. Be sure to tune in every Tuesday at 3pm for YOUR chance to win a pizza from Toarmina’s in Marquette!  

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Toarmaina’s Tuesday Once Again!

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How are you at map reading? This weeks question will test that ability! Q. What is greatest distance east to west in the Upper Peninsula? If you know the answer, call us at 906-227-8888 for your chance to win a deep dish pizza from Toarmina’s in Marquette!    

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Obama Loses the Deer Vote!

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It’s not just us humans that are sick of politics. Turns out that the deer are fed up as well! Watch here, as a deer makes his attitude toward the Obama campaign known! Deer Destroys Obama Sign

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Preforming Taylor Swift’s New Hit…… Hanson!

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Well, the title of this post says it all. I am pretty speechless from here……. Really? Hanson?

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Congratulations Jessie!

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Jessie is this weeks Toarmina’s Tuesday winner. He knew that the Italian Hall Disaster took place in Calumet, Michigan. Tune in every Tuesday for your chance to win a deep dish pizza from Toarmian’s in Marquette!  

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Ready for Some Football!

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Football is back! If you were like me, yesterday was a day spent eating food that was bad for me, while laying around all day. The only exertion was having to bounce between games on the TV! In case you missed a result from yesterday’s action, here is the final score from every game Sunday! […]

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