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Great Lakes Radio went to the 40th annual U.P. Builders Show this weekend, March 7-9. The Upper Peninsula Builders Association had a great turnout this year as over 120 businesses showcased their goods and services.

Information on everything from landscaping and construction to roofing and green forms of heating and energy was available. Many of the exhibitors had special deals and giveaways at their booths and the Builders Association held a raffle for a 24x24 Detached Wood Frame Garage or $10,000 cash.

Once again, the U.P. Builders Association brought the best in the business together under one roof!

Marquette Fence Company Inc. — Anything in Fence

I love sports.  The thrill you feel when you win, the suspense of a close game, and the hard lessons you learn in a loss, there’s just something about sports that keeps me going.  They’re fun & relaxing all while still causing you to think long and hard about strategies and what moves to make. […]

The Rock Shop — More Than Just Countertops

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While I was at a party last weekend, one of my buddies had just remodeled his bathroom and wanted to show it off.  When I walked in, my first thought was that he had good reason to show it off.  He had taken the terrain of the U.P. and brought it into his home. Wood […]

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Mammoth Granite Inc.

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We all want that great looking kitchen or bathroom.  Well at Mammoth Granite Inc. in Escanaba, that’s what they’ll supply you.  With a dazzling display at this year’s U.P. Builder’s Show, Mammoth Granite Inc. showed off what they can do with all sorts of things.  Included in their display were animal displays that they contributed […]

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Whitmarsh Builders Inc.

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Based out of Chatham, Whitmarsh Builders is a small company that has provided great service to U.P. families for over 20 years.  Whether you need your garage remodeled or completely built, Whitmarsh Builders is the place to go.  Using only the highest quality of products, Whitmarsh Builders has created some of the most beautiful garages […]

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Superior Stoves & Fireplaces

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Being a born ‘n bred Yooper, I’ve always been connected with nature one way or another.  Whether it’s swimming in Lake Superior, hiking in the area’s vast forests, or just sitting at camp listening to the fire crackle, nature is a part of all of us.  Odd as it sounds, my favorite chore when I […]

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Superior Play

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Chances are, if you’ve gone to any playgrounds or parks around Michigan, you’ve been in a Superior Play park.  Superior Play has been providing services to cities around Michigan since 2006, and is comprised of employees with over 70 years combined experience in the engineering business.  One of my supervisors here at GLR has always […]

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Rainy Creek Construction — Making Your Dream a Reality

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What’s better than home-grown food?  Fresh fruit, vegetables, and all sorts of spices & herbs.  It’s delicious.  Simple as that.  Besides produce, there are a lot of other things that you should look for to be home-grown.  Many a business around the area are owned and operated by people who you possibly grew up next […]

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Norway Springs — UP Water Pros

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Where do people meet on Monday morning to talk about their respective weekends?  The water-cooler.  Whether they’re talking about events, sports, or movies, the water cooler is where it’s happening.  Now, for many a Yooper, the cooler that your standing around is probably a Norway Springs water cooler.  Norway Springs has been providing natural artesian […]

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Phil & Lee’s Homes

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Is there anything better than owning a piece of land with the intent of building on it?   The project is just about to start and the sense of excitement is just radiating within your chest.  While this feeling is commonplace throughout the world, the inhabitants of this great area, let’s call them “Yoopers”, bask […]

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Northern Landscapes, LLC — 20 Years of Beauty

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We all have that one rough pathway around the house.  Or the one section of lawn that we just can’t seem to get right.  Maybe you have a dream of a nice brick patio right outside of your house for grilling during the summer.  Well you may want to give Northern Landscapes, LLC a call.  […]

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