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This site is dedicated to all of the good things that are going on at Gwinn schools.

Award Winning Schools!

Listen to the brief interviews below. You will find there are parents of Gwinn students that are happy with their childrens' education at Gwinn. Hear that parents appreciate the direction Gwinn athletics is going.

Listen as students testify that they are enjoying their school. Students also say that their older friends that graduated from Gwinn and are now going to NMU or Michigan Tech and are getting A's and B's while their classmates from other U.P. schools receive lower grades. Current 2014 Gwinn students are saying, "It's good to Go To Gwinn!"

So this fall, have your kids come back to Gwinn. Save all those miles on the road. Enroll your kids this June at the Gwinn Area Community Schools. The education and experiences your kids will receive is very solid. We are hearing over and over that, "It's Good at Gwinn!"

Gwinn ModelTowner Girls basketball (54) VS Westwood Patriots (39) on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and GoToGwinn.com

GWINN, MICHIGAN 02/27/2015- The Gwinn ModelTowner Ladies basketball team played at home tonight for the last regular game of the season against the Westwood Patriots. It is also the last game and senior night for the three seniors: Ellie Olson, Jordan Hutchens and Mackensie Hollands. This game was a heated one with our ModelTowners playing […]

ESCANABA, MICHIGAN 02/24/2015-  The Gwinn ModelTowner Boys basketball traveled to Escanaba this Tuesday night to take on the Eskimos. This game sure was an interesting one as each quarter seemed to have a different dominating team. Both the Gwinn ModelTowners and Escanaba Eskimos did great jobs this game and it seemed like the refs made […]

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2/20/2015 Norway, Michigan — Gordy, the voice of the Gwinn ModelTowners took the long haul down to Norway, Michigan to bring you exclusive Gwinn ModelTowner Girls Basketball on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and GoToGwinn.com. The Gwinn ModelTowner girls faced a fierce Norway Knights team on Friday night. Since there’s a time change between Gwinn and […]

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Gwinn ModelTowner Girls basketball (53) VS Negaunee Miners (52) on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and GoToGwinn.com

NEGAUNEE, MICHIGAN 02/17/2015- The Gwinn ModelTowner Girls basketball traveled to Negaunee this Tuesday night to take on the Negaunee Miners. This was a heated game between the two teams. Negaunee was full of three-pointers that kept on taking them to the lead but Gwinn had a few moves up their sleeves as well that kept […]

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Gwinn School Board Asks For Community Feedback on Reopening Gilbert Elementary

Gwinn, Michigan  –  February 13, 2015  –  The Gwinn School Board is holding a special meeting to get community feedback on the idea of reopening Gilbert Elementary School. At a recent building and site committee meeting and afterward at a regular board meeting, the Gwinn School Board decided to research the possibility of reopening of […]

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Gwinn, Michigan  –  February 12, 2015 – Tonight’s game between the Gwinn ModelTowners and Munising Mustangs has been canceled due to blowing and drifting snow this evening. Stay tuned to FOX Sports Marquette 105.1 FM and GotoGwinn.com for more ModelTowner action and we’ll let you know when the game gets rescheduled.

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Manistique, Michigan 02/11/2015-  The Gwinn ModelTowner Girls basketball traveled all the way to Manistique this Wednesday night to take on the Manistique Emeralds. This game started off great with our ModelTowner ladies taking control and keeping it that way throughout the rest of the game. It was a nice smooth game for the ModelTowners and […]

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NORWAY, MICHIGAN 02/10/2015-  The Gwinn ModelTowner Boys basketball took on the Norway Knights at Norway this Tuesday night.  This game was a little slow moving at first but towards the end, Gwinn started to pick up the pace.  The Norway Knights really took charge and kept the lead in every quarter despite the ModelTowners efforts.  […]

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GWINN, MICHIGAN 02/05/2015- The Gwinn ModelTowner Boys basketball took on the Negaunee Miners this Thursday night. It was an interesting game as both teams played well and kept up with each other pretty good. Towards the end, the Negaunee Miners took the lead and held it to take the win. Carl Leander Johnson and Jesse […]

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GWINN, MICHIGAN 02/04/2015-  The Gwinn ModelTowner Girls basketball team took on the Ishpeming Hematites this Wednesday night in Gwinn. This game sure was a close one! Throughout the whole time, both teams were either gaining a couple and taking the lead or tying each other. These two teams were phenomenal tonight. Mike Plourde and Bob […]

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