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‘The One That Got Away’ Jake Owen Video Coming Soon

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Behind The Scenes Footage of The Upcoming Video Jake Owens latest video is coming out soon, but until then you can check out The Boot for some behind the scenes footage! The video is shot on Cocoa Beach in Florida with surfing and Jake’s dog, Merle, since Jake was raised in Florida and loves the […]

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‘Da Yoopers’ Welcome the Ford Model A National Convention

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‘Da Yoopers’ Welcome the Ford Model A National Convention

The Superior Dome Set Up a Great Meal for the Model A’s For 6 p.m. the Model A’s in town are meeting at the Superior Dome to be welcome to the U.P. with dinner and a musical performance by none other than… Da Yoopers! Model A’s chugged in and filled the parking lot, you can […]

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A Great Father’s Day

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How Was Your Father’s Day? I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day with their dads! I sure did! I went to Wisconsin to visit family with my boyfriend for a day this weekend and the way home we bought cards for our dads and then we went to see them. My dad is going […]

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Chris Cagle on Father’s Day

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‘Got My Country On’ Dad Chris is a father of three girls Chloe who is 8, Stella is 2 and Piper is 1. Beside Chris’s dog and his horse, he is out numbered. He trains horses, but says it is much different than raising children. He says he is the guy who can put anything […]

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‘Old Man Markley’

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Punk Bluegrass…? Indio, California held it’s Stagecoach Country Music Festival with some of today’s biggest stars: Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton. But on the smaller side stage, the Mustang Stage, new acts were creating a buzz. Old Man Markley, a seven-member band that plays the washboards, banjo, and old fashion washtub bass caught […]

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A Pleasant Surprise

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ARK- Act of Random Kindness (‘Evan Almighty’) I was heading to work yesterday, driving down Presque Isle Ave. When I got to the stoplight at Wright St. I noticed a TV10 cameraman across the road on the right and there were a couple  people standing on the sidewalks on both sides of me. I was […]

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‘ACM Lifting Lives’

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Summer Programs To Benefit Kids With Special Needs The ACM Lifting Lives program is run by Academy of Country Music and this summer they are going to be hosting the ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp and selling special tickets for specific concerts this summer to help the charity. Check out ACM’s Lifting Lives program HERE. […]

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Backwoods Ballers Suffer First Loss

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We Lost Our Marquette Mountain Volleyball League Game Last Night The weather was nice, it warmed up quite a bit from the chilly morning. The sun was up, which is always makes it a problem to see the ball, but I’m not complaining. We had a temporary player join us for the day, she was […]

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New Hit by Colt Ford Featuring Jake Owen

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Colt Ford is “Back” Even though Colt Ford has a huge fan base with sales that rival some of today’s top stars and he has two of his songs on the radio with Brantley Gilbert’s “Country Must Be Country Wide” and Jason Aldean’s “Dirt Road Anthem,”  Colt himself is still not on the radio. He […]

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More Honors for Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift is Being Recognized for Her Compassion Taylor is becoming well known for her generosity and it it showing even more now as she receives the 2012 Honorary Star of Compassion Award. The Northwest Disaster Services are giving Taylor the award for her endeavors, including her donation of $4 million to the Country Music […]

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