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Election Home Stretch!

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Well, it’s just about here. Election day is just around the corner, and the end to all of the incessant ads is in sight! As we head into the weekend before the big day, we have one final piece on information in which to base your decision: The monthly unemployment figures. Here are the October […]

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Hyper Reality!

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I recently received a link from a friend that said I just had to check out an artist named Paul Cadden. He is known as a “Hyperrealist”.  He creates photo-realistic art with pencil. You would swear that you are looking at a photo! After seeing his work, I have a new term for him. Artistic […]

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Winner Winner Pizza Dinner!

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Ok, maybe that title doesn’t work, but congratulations goes out to Bud in Negaunee none the less! Bud will take home a delicious deep dish pizza courtesy of Toarmina’s in Marquette, because he knew that it is a longer drive from Monroe to Ironwood than from Flint to New York City! Longer by about 20 […]

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Time for Toarmina’s Tuesday!

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Here is the question you need to answer for this weeks Toarmina’s Tuesday! Q: It can take hours to drive from the south-easternmost city in Michigan to the westernmost city in Michigan. Which of the following drives is longer, the trip from Monroe to Ironwood, or Flint, MI to New York, NY? If you know […]

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East Coast Hunkers Down

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The east coast of the United States is hunkering down, as hurricane Sandy barrels toward shore. The storm is being called one of the worst in a generation, and could have wide ranging effects throughout the entire country. To keep up to date on all the latest news, stay tuned to the Great Lakes Radio […]

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Favorite Batmobile of All Time?

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Sit up and take notice all of you Dark Knight fans, there is something heading your way you might like! An new book called BATMOBILE: The Complete History, is hitting the shelves, and we have a preview of what you will see! Check out the full article from Time magazine, and let us know what […]

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And the Pizza Goes to…

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This weeks pizza goes to Eric! He knew that the northern most community in the state is Copper Harbor! Thanks to everyone who called in this week, and remember to tune in each Tuesday for another chance to win a great tasting pizza from Toarmina’s in Marquette!

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Time for Pizza!

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I admit it. I have been tough on you during the last few Toarmina’s Tuesday contest. Some of the questions were HARD! This week, I will make it up to you with an easy one! So easy in fact, that I’m not going to give you a heads up here. You will have to tune […]

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The Case for TiVo.

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Well, every now and then I find myself wishing I would enter the 21st century, and spend the money on a DVR. Tonight is maybe the worst case scenario for all of us tech cave men! I will be flipping between the Detroit Lions game, the Debate, and American Chopper. I watch very little TV, […]

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Tigers Headed to Series!

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Last night, the Detroit Tigers completed their domination of the New York Yankees with a win in game four of the American League Championship Series. The Tigers now have a few days off to contemplate their next opponent, either the St. Louis Cardinals or San Fransisco Giants! Game one is scheduled for Wednesday!  

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