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Free Detroit Tigers Tickets!

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Join us at Flanigan’s Bar in Marquette tonight for your chance to see the Tigers play the Twins at Comerica Park! Lot’s of fun and prizes to be had, so be sure to be there by 7pm to be a part of the fun!  

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Today, We Remember

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The morning of September 11th, 2001 is as fresh in our mind as September 11th, 2012. Please take a moment to reflect upon our nation, the victims, and our hero’s of that day. Toarmina’s Tuesday will return next Tuesday!  

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Ready for Some Football!

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Football is back! If you were like me, yesterday was a day spent eating food that was bad for me, while laying around all day. The only exertion was having to bounce between games on the TV! In case you missed a result from yesterday’s action, here is the final score from every game Sunday! […]

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Back to the Grind?

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We are back to the weekly grind, but in the spirit of Labor Day, see if you can answer this weeks Toarmina’s Tuesday question without searching the net! What year did the Mackinac Bridge open to traffic? If you know the answer, give us a call before 4pm at 227-8888, and if you are right, […]

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Labor Day Weekend!

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For most of us, Labor Day is just an excuse to celebrate one last time before the summer ends and we contemplate 8 months of worsening weather. The true meaning of Labor Day is much more significant than that! Click here, and see if any of these Labor Day facts change the way you think […]

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A Whole Lot of Water!

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Congratulations to all the callers who knew that the Great Lakes holds 20 percent, or 1/5th of the worlds surface fresh water! For your chance to win a great tasting deep dish pizza from Toarmina’s in Marquette, tune in each and every Tuesday afternoon at 3pm!

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Red Alert, Trekkies!

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Here is one for all of you Star Trek fans. What is wrong with this picture? Can’t seem to find anything! If you can, leave your comment here!  

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Congratulations Don Rae!

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You won the Toarmina’s Tuesday contest because you knew that the nations first roadside park was opened on US 2 here in the U.P.! For your chance to win a great tasting pizza, make sure you tune in each and every Tuesday afternoon!  

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Toarmina’s Tuesday is Here!

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The nations first roadside park opened in 1919 on what U.P. highway?  Here is a hint for you.  It was in Iron County. If you know the answer, give us a call at 906-227-8888 before 4pm, and if you are right, you will be entered to win a great tasting deep dish pizza from Toarmina’s […]

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Little Big Town’s Next Project a Boat Dealership?

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Sales of pontoon boats are up nationwide, according to an article last month in the Los Angeles Times, which in fact mentions Little Big Town’s single “Pontoon.” “Pontoon sales are on the rise across the country, and we would like to take credit for that,” LBT’s Jimi Westbrook tells ABC Radio News. Now, if we […]

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