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George Jones Postpones Concerts

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The 80 year old hall of fame singer George Jones has postponed all of his tour dates until May 20th, due to health reasons. Jones  recently spent a week in a Tennessee hospital after developing an upper respiratory infection, and doctors have ordered him to stay home in Tennessee to recover. Rest  assured, the feisty […]

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What do April Snow Showers Bring?

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  Winter is back! Well, at least for the morning. Those of us who have spent our life in the U.P. are not shocked in the least, but it still is disappointing, after the weather we have had this spring! April has averaged 12.6 inches of snow at the National Weather Service  site near Negaunee, […]

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We Have A Winner!

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Congratulations go out to Stephanie of Marquette! She knew the answer to our big Toarmina’s Tuesday trivia question, which was “What flags have flown over the State of Michigan”? The answer was four of them: France, England, Spain, and of course the American flag. Be sure to tune in EVERY Tuesday for your chance to […]

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From Titanic to Deep Space

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Another celebrity rich guy is tired of spending his money on “earthly” things, and is instead looking to space for his investments. Hollywood producer/director James Cameron  has invested in a 21st century startup company that will attempt to mine asteroids in space. Read more here!

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Worst Boss Ever?

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So, you think you have a bad boss? Well, try this story on for size. Seems a Long Island woman donated a kidney to her employer, who was in critical need of the life saving organ. In way of repaying this extreme act of compassion, the boss fired her! Read the details here!

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Farewell, Dick Clark

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Music icon Dick Clark passed away yesterday from an apparent heart attack. He was known as “America’s Oldest Teenager,” and for anyone younger than 90 years old, was a fixture on our television. We welcomed the new year in with Dick every year since 1972, and for 30 years, an entire generation saw him introduce […]

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Congratulations Joe Dollar!

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If you see Joe Dollar out and about, make sure you stop and say congratulations! He is the latest big winner in our Toarmina’s Tuesday Trivia contest. Joe was one of the few callers who knew that the Painted Turtle is our state’s reptile. Be sure to tune in next Tuesday, for your chance to […]

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Toarmina’s Tuesday!

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Easy question this week! What is Michigan’s state reptile?Give us a call at 906.227.8888 if you know the answer, and you will be entered to win a great tasting deep dish pizza from Toarmina’s in Marquette!  

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Tax Day Commeth, But Not Yet.

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April 15th. Tax Day here in the U.P., right? Well, usually it is. Seems that this year though, we can prolong our procrastination just a bit longer. Because the 15th falls on a Sunday in 2012, we get to wait til the last minute on the 17th! Are you one of those last minute filers? […]

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We Have a Winner!

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Congratulations to Roy Aho, our big winner in this weeks Toarmina’s Tuesday Triva contest! Roy knew that as a result of the “Toledo War”, the state of Michigan was awarded the western 2/3rds of the Upper Peninsula. Tune in next Tuesday for YOUR big chance to win!  

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