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Toarmina’s Tuesday is Here!

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It’s Toarmina’s Tuesday!  Let’s see who was paying attention in History class, shall we? Q: When Congress determined that Ohio would be declared the winner in the bloodless “Toledo War”, and Michigan must cede the disputed land to the State of Ohio, what did Michigan receive in return? If you know the answer, call the […]

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Happy Birthday to the Father of Video!

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The Drive Home is  paying tribute to motion picture innovator Eadweard J. Muybridge, a man whose 1878 series of photos known as “The Horse in Motion” was a precursor to motion pictures, television, and video. If you search Google today, you will notice Google’s “Horse in Motion” Doodle. It appears as a strip of photos […]

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Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter! The holiday is celebrated by Upper Michigan residents in many different ways, but before we get wraped up with all of the plans for a big dinner, and the egg hunts for the kids, we should take the time to consider what the holiday’s true meaning is. The good folks at “The Boot” […]

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Baseball Opener has Upper Michigan Cheering!

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Even yoopers celebrate the beginning of the baseball season, and why not?  The “Boys of Summer” appearing on the diamond is a sure sign that our winter of discontent is almost over! This year looks to be a great one for the guy’s in the Old English “D”, and they started out with a bang! […]

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Is This Thing On?

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 Attention Upper Michigan Radio Listeners! You are the lucky reader of my first blog post as a larger than life country radio personality! I’m sure it is quite an honor for you! All kidding aside, I just want to take the time to thank everyone who has embraced the new show. After much gnashing of […]

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