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U.P. Shelters are Helping Downstate Dogs

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Local Animal Shelters are Taking in Dogs Being an animal lover I find myself very attached to stories about them. One of the bigger cases that I have heard about in a while, and that is happening locally, involves 400 dogs! Apparently, a downstate shelter rescued the dogs from a breeding operation that went overboard. […]

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Graduation Gowns Made from Plastic?

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NMU Ordered New Recycled Gowns I found out something interesting about NMU’s graduation gowns in class the other day. Apparently the new gowns for 2012, which I have ordered, are made out of recycled plastic bottles. Yea, you heard me right, recycled plastic! I’ve seen them and I was told that they were going to […]

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Track is Not for The Timid

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U.P. Schools Have Sprung into Track Season Ready, set, GO. Track season has started for high school students!! At least the weather has been sunny for them, even if it is a bit chilly. When I was in high school we would start track practice when there was still snow on the ground. We would […]

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A Start to Upper Peninsula Runs

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A Relay in the U.P.; The Big Bay Relay Something that I haven’t done yet is the Big Bay Relay. I’ve heard a lot about it and it seems to be a big event, kind of the kick off event, for the marathon season starting up. It starts at the River Sports Complex in Marquette […]

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NMU Students have 1 More Play

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Theatre Season Coming to an End at NMU The NMU theatre program has a play coming up called “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” That’s going to be April 17th through the 21st, at the Forest Roberts Theatre. It’s rated PG13 and is suppose to be absolutely hilarious. One of my friends has asked […]

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Turkey Season is Coming

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The Start of Turkey Season in the U.P. A big event here in the U.P. is the start of turkey season! The Jakes (young males) and Toms (males a year and older) are strutting around for the hens to see. And the hens are laying their eggs. We had a Jake hanging around our house […]

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A New Bill for College Students in Michigan The Northwind, the NMU student paper, had a story this week called “Student loans may be forgiven.” Apparently the Michigan democratic Congressmen, Hansen Clarke, wants to make it a law that students can pay 10 percent of their pay checks for 10 years towards loans. After 120 […]

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Bunnies and Family and Fun- Oh My!

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Fun Easter Weekend Festivities I hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned for the Easter holiday. I am going to be pretty busy with a whole bunch of family gatherings. On Saturday I will be going to dinner at my boyfriends grandparents house with about twenty other people. It’s going to be a lot […]

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