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Eric Church Will Live Stream Concert!

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Eric Church Will Live Stream Concert!

If you can’t make it to this weekend’s Rock the Ocean’s Tortuga Music Festival, you can watch some of its biggest acts live, from the comfort of home. On Saturday, you can stream Eric Church’s headlining performance as he plays alongside Ziggy Marley and Brett Eldredge. On Sunday, you can see Sheryl Crow’s set, as […]

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Mammoth Granite Inc.

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We all want that great looking kitchen or bathroom.  Well at Mammoth Granite Inc. in Escanaba, that’s what they’ll supply you.  With a dazzling display at this year’s U.P. Builder’s Show, Mammoth Granite Inc. showed off what they can do with all sorts of things.  Included in their display were animal displays that they contributed […]

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Whitmarsh Builders Inc.

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Based out of Chatham, Whitmarsh Builders is a small company that has provided great service to U.P. families for over 20 years.  Whether you need your garage remodeled or completely built, Whitmarsh Builders is the place to go.  Using only the highest quality of products, Whitmarsh Builders has created some of the most beautiful garages […]

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U.P. Propane — Proudly Serving You Since 1929

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If you’re going to take over an established business in the Upper Peninsula, you need to know what made that business successful.  You need to know the ins & outs of the area, the clientele, and what people need.  When Dan & Cindy Harrington bought the Iron Mountain Gas Company in 2006, they did just […]

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Superior Stoves & Fireplaces

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Being a born ‘n bred Yooper, I’ve always been connected with nature one way or another.  Whether it’s swimming in Lake Superior, hiking in the area’s vast forests, or just sitting at camp listening to the fire crackle, nature is a part of all of us.  Odd as it sounds, my favorite chore when I […]

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Superior Play

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Chances are, if you’ve gone to any playgrounds or parks around Michigan, you’ve been in a Superior Play park.  Superior Play has been providing services to cities around Michigan since 2006, and is comprised of employees with over 70 years combined experience in the engineering business.  One of my supervisors here at GLR has always […]

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Tracy Lawrence “Lie” Your 103-FXD Song of the Day

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Marquette, Michigan — Tracy Lawrence “Lie” is your new music add and song of the day for this Wednesday on 103-FXD. Tracy Lawrence “Lie” is a powerful new song from Tracy and can be heard today on 103-FXD. It’s always new music you should know on 103-FXD. Be sure to check out the official website for […]

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Rainy Creek Construction — Making Your Dream a Reality

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What’s better than home-grown food?  Fresh fruit, vegetables, and all sorts of spices & herbs.  It’s delicious.  Simple as that.  Besides produce, there are a lot of other things that you should look for to be home-grown.  Many a business around the area are owned and operated by people who you possibly grew up next […]

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Norway Springs — UP Water Pros

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Where do people meet on Monday morning to talk about their respective weekends?  The water-cooler.  Whether they’re talking about events, sports, or movies, the water cooler is where it’s happening.  Now, for many a Yooper, the cooler that your standing around is probably a Norway Springs water cooler.  Norway Springs has been providing natural artesian […]

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The Pringles Combo As Created by Lisa Ravioli

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4/8/2014 Marquette, Michigan — Lisa Ravioli and I discussed the possibility of a new creation–the Pringles Combo–courtesy of Pringles Chips! On Monday you heard Lisa Ravioli and myself discuss how GREAT Lisa’s creation of Cheddar Cheese and Original Pringles mixed together really was! I really enjoyed the combo! Thanks to Jazz, Lisa’s daughter for giving […]

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