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Elmer Aho Hosts American Country Gold

Elmer Aho is the host of American Country Gold on FM 103-FXD. Elmer has been in radio for over 20 years and has developed a very loyal fan base!

Saturday 7pm-Midnight on 103 FXD

Listen live to Elmer on the internet! Go to WFXD.com/stream before the show starts and click on the play button!

American Country Gold is a classic-country-by-request radio show. It broadcasts live right from the WFXD studios. Check out the contacts below for the request line and email! Or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page!

WFXD Studios – American Country Gold Request Line: (906) 227-8888

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Elmer’s Testimonials:

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great show Elmer!!! It was very nice to hear Burl Ives, Kitty Wells, Jim Reeves, & all the rest you played, Thank you! Until next week, take care
Beverly Nettleton

Sandi Hodge wrote:
Love ya Elmer from Sunny Warm Florida. ( just had to put in Warm)
Sandi Hodge

Kevin Conlin wrote:
Shout out to Bud Conlin, listening online in Key Largo Florida tonight, from your son Kevin working in Marquette!
Kevin Conlin

Melanie Trottier Rose wrote:
Come on who doesn’t love their old art teacher?! I think this is soooooo cool. :)
Melanie Trottier

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great Show Elmer!!! Thanks for playing the Statlers!! Great choice for gospel song!! Until next week, take care
Beverly Nettleton

Molly McAuley wrote:
Elmer Aho…. tunes hitting home as always :)
Molly McAuley

Kyra Goodrich wrote:
thank you for playing my request of Tanya Tucker for my newborn son Roscoe Achilles Goodrich! Love your show
Kyra Goodrich

Audra Basal wrote:
My grandfather is a big fan of yours. He tunes in every Saturday night
to listen, says it reminds him of the good ole’ days. Would you mind
playing “Walking the Floor Over You” by Ernest Tubb? My grandfather
use to sing that song to me when I was a baby. I know it would bring
back some fond memories for him. Thanks!
Audra Basal

Sandy Rogers wrote:
WOOO HOOO 5 Minutes ta Elmer Aho :)
Sandy Rogers

Kyra Goodrich wrote:
Dear Elmer,
Please play whats your mama’s name child by Tanya Tucker for Roscoe Achilles Goodrich in Marquette Michigan. love the show!
Kyra Goodrich

Dave Prychitko wrote:
I’ve been a regular listener since 2000 and I’ve never heard Elmer play Andy Griffith, let alone Andy with Doc Watson! Thanks!
Dave Prychitko

Stacie Duwaldt wrote:
Love your show and listen to it every Saturday. I have a question about a song you played. The only way I can describe it is it went: Yum yum yummy yum yum… I looked it up online and couldn’t find that particular tune. Who sang it and what’s the title? Thank you!
Stacie Duwaldt

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great Show Elmer!!! My friends & I enjoyed your show tonight ( as always ) Thanks!! Until next week, take care
Beverly Nettleton

Dave Prychitko wrote:
Elmer’s been rocking tonight!
Dave Prychitko

Sandi Hodge wrote:
Thank you Elmer Aho.He Loved Saturday night and your Show! Many a dance in his kitchen! Lol
Sandi Hodge

Anita Hebert wrote:
Elmer thanks for being my friend on face book. I sure enjoy listening to your show on the radio. its nice to hear some real music. thanks again.
Anita Hebert

Erika Jandreau wrote:
I just wanted to say thank you for being a part of our many family get togethers through the years. It was always family,Tino’s pizza, sauna, and Elmer! God bless and thanks for the wonderful memories
Erika Jandreau

Dave Prychitko wrote:
Several weeks ago I hosted an old time jam at Northern, leading some fiddle tunes. NMU’s homepage had an announcement for that, with a picture of ELMER in a cowboy hat next to the announcement. I had no idea why they pictured Elmer, but I can say I was proud of the mistake!
Dave Prychitko

Carl Hoover wrote:
I had your class my junior and senior years in 79-81. I still consider the time spent in your class as the most enjoyable time I had out of all my high school years. Thanks
Carl Hoover

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great Show Elmer!!! Thanks for playing the Statlers To make a long story short THANK YOU for ELMER’S pick night!!!! Until next week, take care
Beverly Nettleton

Lois Gage wrote:
I’m in the Lower Peninsula near Lansing. Actually Grand Ledge. Hope all is well with u. Could u play a song off my cd LOIS GAGE and dedicate it to my brother and his wife–Al and Betty Finney of Ishpeming. Thx so much. Really enjoy ur show. Give Eric a hi too.”
Lois Gage

Nathan Denofre wrote:
Another good show. Thanks Elmer for playing some real music and not that new pop country crap or the same old reruns that radio plays over and over. Thanks again Elmer.
Nathan Denofre

Molly McAuley wrote:
Time to wind down with some Elmer Aho – a U.P. radio treasure!”
Molly McAule

Ricky Renfors wrote:
Good evening, Elmer Aho and Eric. Wonderful work by you both. I was wondering if you could play a song for my dear friend Sandy Rogers – “7 Spanish Angels”
thanks #keepthegoodmusicoming
Ricky Renfors

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great Show Elmer!!! You played songs like you did when I lived in Gwinn, Statlers, Sonny James, Jim Reeves, Hank Snow, yourself, just to mention a few, THANK YOU! Until next week, take care
Beverly Nettleton

Gwenevere Salm wrote:
No snow here in Traverse City, supposed to get more soon though!! Enough snow on ground here to look like Marquette!! Missing you Elmer, listened to u in Houston Texas when we moved from Marquette, now listening to u from Traverse City MI!! Looking for some Merle Haggard!!!
Gwenevere Salm

Patty Tilton wrote:
Just pop one in the mail to me here in Des Moines! Happy Valentine’s Day Elmer =)
Patty Tilton

Greg Franklin wrote:
Singing in the kitchen Elmer!!!!!
Greg Franklin

Amanda Tilly wrote:
Great show so far!! :) Wow has it been a long time since I have listened. This reminds me of my grandpa Smokey Jo listening to your show! Glad me and my brother still listen for him! Keep up the good work!
Amanda Tilly

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great show Elmer!! Thanks for playing quite a few songs by female singers. You still have about 90 minutes left I’ll catch you on the radio Until next week, take care,
Beverly Nettleton

Dave Prychitko wrote:
Oh man, I’ve been listening faithfully for 14 years and this is the first time I heard Elmer play Who’s Gonna Chop My Baby’s Kindling (When I’m Gone)! Thanks, Elmer!
Dave Prychitko

Nathan Denofre wrote:
Love it! Another good night of tunes. Skip a rope..almost forgot that oldie. Thanks Elmer Aho.
Nathan Denofre

James Feliciano wrote:
Love your music we have you on in Lake Havasu AZ.
James Feliciano

Denise Dupras wrote:
We are listening in Valdosta, Georgia tonight!
Denise Dupras

Ducky and Kris Duhame wrote:
Wintering in Benson Ariz, tracked your program down on the internet,
Ducky and Kris Duhame

Gale wrote:
Would you please play Patsy Cline’s Crazy for me? We enjoy listening
to your program in warm Phoenix!!

Sandy Rogers wrote:
WOOOOO HOOO Elmer Aho Time :) my favorite night and time !
Sandy Rogers

Lori DeFiore wrote:
Wish I was there to listen with you. Good ole days, good ole music!
Lori DeFiore

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great show Elmer!! Sure wouldn’t know you were busy, you do a great job! Thanks!! Until next week, take care
Beverly Nettleton

Lois Gage wrote:
So happy ur back on live tonight. Would be so great if u could play something from my cd “Lois Gage”. My brother listens and it will surprise him. Thanks so much and hope the winter hasn’t been to awful up there. Tell Eric I said hi.
Lois Gage

Steve Tatzmann wrote:
You’re coming through loud and clear in Royal Oak Elmer!
Steve Tatzmann

Tammy Spagnotti wrote:
Elmer, I would like to request “singing in the kitchen” for our friends from Lower Michigan that we got hooked on you! Dyno and Wendy also to Uncle Mike and Uncle Rich!
Tammy Spagnotti

John Erickson wrote:
Listen to you every chance I get, you play the very best of old country! Thank you and keep on spinning…
John Erickson

Angela Kauppila wrote:
I Love me some Elmer! Wish we were at these camp around a bon fire, smelling the sauna!!
Angela Kauppila

Dave Prychitko wrote:
Live or rerun, it is still a treat. Radio as it used to be.
Dave Prychitko

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great Show Elmer!!!! Thanks for playing some oldies I don’t get to hear very often. Until next week, take care.
Beverly Nettleton

Sandy Rogers wrote:
I been pretty quiet tonight :) but with my dad on my mind could you if u have time play George Jones a picture of me without you ? to Jim Treloar? thanks :) love the show! Have a great night!
Sandy Rogers

Margaret wrote:
Hi Elmer,

Listen to your show frequently and thoroughly enjoy it! Would you please play something by Hazel and Alice – West Virginian legends – for all those affected by the chemical spill from the coal industry last week?
Thanks so much! I used to go there often, to those mountains!

Sincerely, Margaret

Katja Koskensalo wrote:
Mr Elmer Aho and American Country Gold -paljon onnea :)
Katja Koskensalo

Beverly Amyotte wrote:
Congrats on 26 years! It’s a good Saturday when you tune in to hear Elmer spinning that good old C&W
Beverly Amyotte

Candace Blume wrote:
Congratulations Elmer! I first heard you at fishing camp by a group from Palmer about a dozen or so years ago. lol great times great fun.
Candace Blume

Carolyn McDonald wrote:
Hi Elmer, thank you for playing a song by my favorite singer James Intveld. I appreciate it. James appreciates you playing his music. He loves traditional country music and is influenced by it. Thank you for saying hello to my Mom Elaine. Have a good week. We hope to see you soon.
Carolyn McDonald

Chris R. Cavalieri wrote:
Congratulations Mr. Elmer Aho! My family has been listening to you and enjoying your radio program for at least 20 years now! Thank you!
Chris R. Cavalieri

Nona Peterson-Uren wrote:
Congratulations Elmer! And thank you for all the music!!
Nona Peterson-Uren

Walt Patterson wrote:
Hi my friend, thank you for supplying the many listeners with the best of country. You are simply “the best”. Thanks for playing the music we all love and for playing to the rest of the world. The aussies are now also true fans.
Walt Patterson

Harry Nelson wrote:
Hi Elmer, Happy 2014, and hope you’re doing well generally! Long time
no see, but thought of you and the music scene of late. Been listening
to some old gems on LP’s lately while I work on art. Stay warm…. & best regards,
Harry Nelson

Gary Rautio wrote:
Merry Christmas, Elmer. You always made my folks so happy when you’d play “House of Blue Lights” for them at Xmas time. :)

Walt Patterson wrote:
Merry Christmas Elmer. I am listening to your show as I write. Thanks for playing the song from Australia. They sure are happy about that. There are quite a few listeners “Down Under” now and they all enjoy the show. The time difference is about 14 hours so it is Sunday afternoon now. Thanks again and stay safe.

Tanya M. Stanaway wrote:
Elmer, thank you for all those times that you played my Sauna Song on air.

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great show Elmer!!! Hope you & your family have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! ( If you’re traveling stay safe please ) Thank you for playing The statlers. Until next YEAR, take care.

Walt Patterson wrote:
Thanks for playing Nance’s song Elmer. I will be talking to them this
week and I am sure they appriciate the play. Also thanks for playing
Charlie George a few weeks back. He also said “Thanks”. Merry
Christmas Elmer and thanks for the radio show, It is perfect!!

Debra Ellman Saari wrote:
Happy Holiday’s elmer to u. keep up with the good music. big shag lake is listening.

Sandy Treloar Rogers wrote:
Thank u Elmer Aho and u sure did get it right :)

Carolyn McDonald wrote:
Thank you so much for playing a Ray Price Christmas song for me. I’m listening to it now. It’s beautiful. I watched his memorial service live online today and it was beautiful. I wrote about it on my Facebook page. I have been so sad all week since he passed away. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Drive home safely, Elmer.

Ben Turton wrote:
Elmer Aho and some cold PBR’s when I get off work.

Carolyn McDonald wrote:
Thank you, Elmer. Ray was one of the greatest country singers ever.

Sandi Gallion Hodge wrote:
I don’t think it’s Christmas until I hear Buryl Ives sing that song! Thank You Elmer

Sandy Treloar Rogers wrote:
Who knows what time it is? Yup u got it Elmer Aho time :)

Kaj Lindh wrote:
I was so surprised one saturday night when I drove home and put on the radio and I heard a American country radio station in the car and it was your show. I did not expect to hear that here in Finland :D And according to your name Aho I guess you have Finnish roots. Here where I live country is big and has been that for many years. My sister was a country singer. Merry Christmas!

Kirsten Velvet Thunderground Hagemeister wrote:
You should check out his radio show when the mood hits you. He’s on every Saturday night and is and has been one of the main staples deer camp with my Dad and Bro’s in the U.P. Good stuff!

Lynn O’Shay-Willette wrote:
I did not get a chance to listen because of the Christmas party but i cant wait until next week!

Ellie Jarvie wrote:
Elmer takes requests through call ons or on FB, he is just hip like that. I only listened a little while last night, heard some Christmas tunes, “sneaky snake” and Elmers voice and went to bed happy! Hope the party was great.

Amy Armstrong Laitinen wrote:
We will be there and we can’t wait to see Elmer! Right, Mike? :)

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great show Elmer!!!! Thanks for the all the songs, Statlers, Jim Reeves, J.Cash many more. A BIG THANK YOU for the last 26 years!!! Until next week, take care.

Carolyn McDonald wrote:
I’m listening to James Intveld now. Thank you so much for playing his music. We went out to a club with James last Sun. night in Nashville to listen to some great traditional country music. James told me how much he loves the traditional music. Hoot Hester who plays fiddle on the Opry was in the band. The lead singer was Chris Scruggs who is Earl Scruggs grandson. We had a great time.

Carolyn McDonald wrote:
Have been listening to you, Elmer, for all those years. Thank you for keeping traditional country music going in our area. Drive safely on your way home.

Ellie Jarvie wrote:
So what are you doing tonight? Enjoying Elmer Aho at home after a full day of curling and fund raising.

Sandy Treloar Rogers wrote:
Ya, must be almost bed time for Rick! Ugh these movies are awful! And he has the tv full blast! Elmer Aho time!

Katja Koskensalo wrote:
In Ikaalinen, Finland :-)

Mary Ann Frantom wrote:
Elmer you’re sounding good in Lansing Mi.

Katja Koskensalo wrote:
Hello Elmer! I’m listening to Your show here in Finland! So great to hear You!!!

Dessa Desjardins wrote:
Love listening to Elmer! :D

Brandon Koenig wrote:
In the garage listening to the best. Thank you for 26 years of dedicating your time to entertaining us with some of the best music, Elmer Aho.

Chris Mickelson wrote:
I enjoy tuning in and listening! Lots of songs I grew up on and lots I’ve never heard and wonderful to pass it down to our children.

Katie Marks wrote:
Katie Marks posted on your timeline
Hi Elmer & Eric! Our daughter Kenley is staying the night at Grandpa & Grandma Collick’s house in Suomi tonight, and we’re wondering if you could please play her a song? Any of your Tom T. Hall favorites would be great. ;) Elmer, you met her at the Club in Suomi a couple weekends ago! Thanks guys!

Melanie Jo Trottier Rose wrote:
You sure look good Mr.Aho!

Ellie Jarvie wrote:
When we were listening in Marquette last weekend, I friended Elmer Aho on Facebook and he responded right away. I typed that we couldn’t get him in Green Bay, and minutes he was announcing on air that his shows were web~streaming live. Elmer is tech savvy!

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great Show Elmer!! Like all the Christmas songs you played,( Christmas will be here soon ) Until next week, take care

Ellie Jarvie wrote:
Listening to Elmo Aho live with my Dad, great night!

Dan Girard wrote:
If your not lisening to Elmer Aho you should be. :-)

Carolyn McDonald wrote:
Good Evening Elmer from Nashville. We just returned from the Buck Owens tribute concert at the Country Music Hall Of Fame featuring Buck’s son Buddy Alan Owens and members of the Buckaroos. James Intveld sang three Buck Owens songs. He dedicated “Under Your Spell Again” to me. May I request that song in memory of Buck and in thanks to James. I met Ranger Doug of the Riders In The Sky. He said to say hello to you. Going to the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree at midnight tonight. My Mom and I hope to see you on Wed. at the Finn Group. Carolyn McDonald

Kerrie Garnsey Blackwood wrote:
I will be listening from N.C !!

Pete Mackin wrote:
I miss Board Op’ing for you Elmer. Most calls I ever got for a show on air. Thanks for the many years of excellence!

Michelle Jarvie Eggart wrote:
Today I am thankful for Elmer Aho.

Marq Uette wrote:
Hi Elmer, last night was the first time my husband heard you.. im from up here and he is fron tenn, we just moved back and i told him he had to listen… he loved it..thank you..

Michelle Jarvie Eggart wrote:
Elmer Aho – my dad (an old yooper) was visiting up from GB and just LOVED the Finnish version you played of Bobbie McGee. Who was that? I’d love to find him a copy!

Bumps Krolik wrote:
Enjoyed another night of great American Country! Keep up the good work and I will keep listening!!!

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great Show Elmer!! I enjoy it when you choose the songs Thanks! Until next week, take care

Carolyn McDonald wrote:
Hi Elmer, listening online in Negaunee. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Thank you for the Thanksgiving greeting you sent via my Mother on Wed. We missed seeing you. Won’t see you for a few weeks. I’ll try to send you a message from Nashville. We’ve got quite a busy schedule while in Nashville. Drive carefully on your way home.

Ellie Jarvie wrote:
Hanging out with my family listening to your show now. Can’t get this good stuff in Green Bay!

Tom Stephens wrote:
Elmer on the radio, game of cribbage, buck on the pole, cold beer in the box, last night at deer camp. #doesn’t get better than this

Davin Blubaugh wrote:
Sounding great up here in Anchorage, Alaska this evening! Keep up the good picks gentlemen.

Kathy Muljo wrote:
Thank you, Elmer. We are in Traverse City for the holiday weekend but we’ll be listening via internet. Have a good show. Our best to you and Rita.

Kyle Montgomery wrote:
Almost time for Uncle Elmer Aho

Charlie Niemi wrote:
Elmer Aho, sauna, and a 6 pack. That’s a Saturday night

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great show Elmer!!! My friends really like your show, hope Rita has a Happy Birthday!! Until next week, take care.

Eric Hager wrote:
A Yooper Icon, Every Saturday night.

Kerrie Blackwood wrote:
Hey Elmer, Will you please give a shout out to my Husband Scott and my Brother Joe at the neat and tidy cottage. My Husband left here yesterday from N.C and drove all day and night to Marquette (24 hrs) to go hunting with my Brother and spend Thanksgiving with my family. We listen to your show every Saturday night here in N.C, but tonight my Husband is listening from the U.P and I am listening from N.C. Keep doing what you are doing. “You Rock”
Thank you very much
Kerrie Blackwood

Sandy Treloar Rogers wrote:
LMAO Elmer Aho I just went dancing through my house!

Wendy Hargraes wrote:
Please play Heikki Lunta Snow Dance song for Camp Dyno in Lewiston MI. Thanks Elmer. Love you <3

Sandy Treloar Rogers wrote:
Move the furniture time for bluegrass with Elmer Aho ! kick up your heels!

Sandy Treloar Rogers wrote:
Oh play me some mountain music Elmer Aho ! kicking up the heels!

Greg Ledgerwood wrote:
it might be cold outside but listening to Elmer.changes all that !!!

Ellen Kamppinen Heath wrote:
9 degrees in Skandia!!! Hi to Elmer from the Heath’s!!

Mary Annala wrote:
Hi Elmer, could you send a hello to the Big Beaver Lodge from Mary down in Texas? I hope those boys are having a lot of luck and a lot of fun. We love your show, Elmer! Thanks!

Tina Martin wrote:
Hi Elmer this is Tina Martin I met you at Jacobetti. I am the staff person that spoke to you regarding my husband Jim and how he loves your music and listens to you every Saturday. We will be at Hillbilly Heaven tonight and would like to put a request in. Could you please play Hillbilly Heaven by Tex Ritter and make the dedication to Hillbilly Heaven in Big Bay. thank you and see you again at Jacobetti. Sincerely, Tina

Sandy Treloar Rogers wrote:
Elmer Aho Time!

Erik Granger wrote:
Greetings again from camp Yaotta! We were thinking you Yaotta play the Johnny and June Cash classic song Jackson. Thanks for the the yopper shout out last weekend. Love you tons the Grangers @ Camp Yaotta!

Heather wrote:
Hello, Will you please play Singin in the Kitchen for Uncle Carl’s birthday? This request comes from The Flopper Lodge.

Thank you so much! You do such a wonderful show every week!!

Erik Granger wrote:
Thanks for the shoot out to camp yaotta!!!!

Chris R. Cavalieri wrote:
I know you’re swamped tonight, but we’re listening and loving your show at Gramp’s Log Cabin, Dickinson County! Thank you!

Ronald Jarvinen wrote:
Excellent show Elmer Aho

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great show Elmer!! Hope you had a ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY ” (many more ) Until next week, take care

Sandy Treloar Rogers wrote:
Played some texas hold um and listened ta Elmer Aho laughed had a great time with Elizabeth Dymond Lawer and the bear :)

Cräig Benttimäki wrote:
Elmer is extra great tonight.

Chris R. Cavalieri wrote:
Listening to the great Elmer Aho at http://wfxd.com/stream/! Happy Deer Season weekend! :)

Wendy Hargraves wrote:
Hey Elmer Aho-would you play us Colorado Koolaid by Red Sovine dedicated to Dyno’S camp in Lewiston. Love ya Elmer. Play ON

Mike Laitinen wrote:
I need to update my Finnish!! :-) I am loving Elmer, tonight though!!!!

Kristine Lyn Granger wrote:
Just spoke to Elmer Aho!!!!! We love you, From camp yaotta!!

David Prychitko wrote:
This is the first time in years that Elmer has played the original, non-live, version of Rose Colored Glasses. Thanks Elmer!

Gregs Garage wrote:
Sitting here with the baby and Christian listening to Elmer Aho..

Bob Baker wrote:
Hi Elmer, Could you play a Bobby Aro song called “Moose Song” for the boys at Haapala Camp – Bob Baker, Allen Seppanen, Bruce and Gary Kallio, and Mike “Huck” Hakanen. Failing that “The Thirty Point Buck” is always a camp favorite. Saturday night would not be the same without you, especially at Deer Camp. Thanks Elmer
Bob Baker

Mike Laitinen wrote:
THANK YOU ELMER!!! Absolutely love Jambalaya, Hank Sr. style. :-)

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great show Elmer!! Enjoyed all the songs you played for armed force men & women & our veterans, Thanks!!!! Until next week, take care

Dennis Tousignant wrote:
Out Festy in Westy lsh would love to hear sneaky snake in loving memory of Pondscum

Barb Kinsey wrote:
Elmer! you would like this show! miss you! keep the music alive and stay I upright! love you!!!!

Mike Laitinen wrote:
Happy Veteran’s Day to you too Elmer.

Mike Laitinen wrote:
“I loved visiting with you at Gwinn High School. Thanks for making my day Elmer.”

Brian Wiig wrote:
Brian Wiig in Houston TX! I am streaming live via the website. I used to listen every week from shag lake in Gwinn! Keep up the good work!! Thanks sir!

Mike Laitinen wrote:
Thank You Elmer Aho for making my day!!

Sandy wrote:
K company is gone :( but on a good note that means some Elmer Aho time!

Bob Case wrote:
Thanks, Elmer, for the Veterans Music. Looking forward to all the great military songs tonight. Great show!

Adam wrote:
Perfect night for Starbucks and Elmer Aho my night is made.

Bob Case wrote:
Sitting by the warm fireplace listening to Elmer. Life is good! Keep the country tunes coming Elmer!

Melissa Martin wrote:
love. love, love live streaming! wishing we were in the up. stuck in lovely empire, mi. would love to hear “wichita lineman” by glen campbell for my best friend and hubby chris martin. thanks for all the great music.!

Kathy Liimatta wrote:
Dear Elmer,
If possible could you play a song for my mom? Anything from Buck Owens. She isn’t feeling so well, and is listening to your program now as she does every Saturday night. I think she’ll be able to hear your voice………as they say hearing is the last to go. We may not have her too much longer. She took a turn for the worse, and we’re just keeping her comfortable. She loves to listen to you, and is 78 years old. Her name is Martha Sullivan from Calumet, Michigan. Our family would appreciate if you could say a kind word, and play a song for her as we feel it will brighten up her spirits! Thank you, Elmer. You do a wonderful job!

Adam wrote:
Getting ready to listen to Elmer Aho on this rainy Saturday evening.

Todd and Katie wrote:
Hi Elmer, we sure do like listening to your radio show. We are back to
our favorite campsite on Lake Superior this weekend and we traded our
tent for our camper this time. If you have time can you play us a John
Hartford song? Thank You!

Katie Marks wrote:
Hi Elmer! My daughter Kenley is hanging out at camp with grandma and grandpa tonight. She is wondering if you could play “Sneaky Snake” for her? Thank you!

joyce hendrickson wrote:
Hi Elmer, We are still in the land of the living and we request a song for Mort Hendrickson who will be 86 on Wednesday November 13, also play one for yourself,I understand that it is also your birthday. The song is of your picking. Thanks .We still listen to you most Saturday nights. MOJO

dorthy nelson wrote:
Hello Elmer,
Hope you will add this request to your show on Saturday. This is Mr & Mrs Maki from Forestville again asking to playthis song in Loving Memory of Jeanette Collick from Roy and Dorthy Quinnell. (our true names) Thank you and Gods Peace.

Kerry Way wrote:
nice job tonite Elmer!

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great show Elmer!!!!! My friends really enjoyed all of the older songs you played, I think you have three more fans!! Until next week, take care

Carolyn McDonald wrote:
Elmer, it’s good to have you back tonight. I really enjoyed hearing “If Tears Could Talk” by James Intveld. Thank you for playing James Intveld’s music. My Mom and I hope to see you at the Jacobetti Home for the Finn Group this Wed.

Kevin wrote:
Oh by the way, Elmer Aho is on the radio tonight, just in case you forgot.

Sandi Gallion Hodge wrote:
Elmer. I’m Lovin ya down here in central Florida!

Patty Leaf wrote:
Patty wrote: “Love that….I Owe You, by Jimmy Dean. Good picks tonight Elmer. Thank you”

Sheila Rae wrote:
Wishes for a great show, I love that ol country music!

Sandy wrote:
Half hour til some Elmer Aho :)

Gus Groeneveld wrote:
Hi Elmer,
We are all up at Camp G in Fech, MI ready to listen to your show tomorrow night. 88 year old Grandpa Gus Groeneveld, WWII Purple Heart Veteran, bagged a nice 8 pointer with his cross bow this morning. Wondering if you can give him a shout out during the show, and if you could play the song off your album: “GRAMPS WHAT WILL WE DO WITH ALL THE MEMORIES”. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for all the great music. Keep it Country!

Marcy (Jay) Frusti wrote:
Hi Elmer,
I’m Marcy Frusti, the nurse you met at the MGH Rehab unit. I came back from break and you were gone, so I thought I’d email my request. We
will be listening tomorrow out at our camp in the Keweenaw on the big lake, at Big Betsy (just north of Gay) My husband, Jay, really likes Johnny Cash, if you could play him a song, he would love it. Thank you so much in advance!

Sheila wrote:
Pot-roast, NASCAR, Elmer Aho on the air, coffee, and a large bowl of chocolate covered peanut butter balls…it don’t get any better!

Patty Nesler Tilton wrote:
My son and daughter-in-law, Brian and Sara (Barrett) Tilton, introduced me to your show on my visit to Marquette. So much fun sitting around the fire and listening to you. I had to continue the tradition here in Des Moines. You are awesome!

Les B. Beauchamp wrote:
Listening to Elmer Aho and watching Lawrence Welk is blowing my mind. WMEHL

Amy DesJardins wrote:
We were listening for some requests. Have fun!

Dave Prychitko wrote:
Thanks for fulfilling the Osborne Brothers request! Nothing like listening to Elmer in the sauna!

Kevin Cotey wrote:
Camp, Elmer Aho, perfect!

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great Show Elmer!!! My friends came over again this week and brought their friend, they like all the songs you play. Thanks!! Until next week, take care

Greg Ledgerwood wrote:
Great show tonite Buddy!!!

Kerry Way wrote:
Hi Elmer….your show was awesome last week! if possible, can u please dedicate George Jones white lightning to Bernie’s garage in Wetmore….thank you for all you do!

David Latvala wrote:
My wife Connie (Sandstrom) and I really enjoy streaming your show on the internet. We’ve been in southern Arizona for 4 years and you bring back many memories of Trenary, Munising and the entire U.P.
I’d like to request “the blizzard” by Jim Reeves when you get a chance. Pls send it out to all our friends and family in Alger County.Thanks for the memories.

Sandy wrote:
Took a ride out to Kelsey Rogers :) Good night to stay in and listen to some Elmer Aho :)

Carol S Beaudry wrote:
Thank you Elmer for your dedication to us for our 39th Anniversary last week from our kids. We enjoyed listening (as always) to the song of yours that you played for us. We’ll be in tune again tonight in Rock, MI! Paul and Carol Beaudry

Lloyd’s Wafflehouse wrote:
If your a fan of classic country or homesick for the Da U.P.! Then this is for you!

Dean Bruce wrote:
Hi Elmer I would like to request a song for Emil warren Bruce of munising jimmy cash the ring of fire it’s from his grand son Jeffrey plz and thank u Elmer and if u would tell him get well soon he isn’t doin very well thank u Elmer I’m a huge fan I was raised on ur radio broadcast

Dean Bruce wrote:
Put Phillipeano Baby on the radio on Saturday for Emil Warren Bruce plz thank you Elmer

Dean Bruce wrote:
Hello Elmer my grandpa Emil Bruce is one big fan of ur show

Sarah Cadotte wrote:
Thx for the add Elmer, my family and I have been fans as long as I can remember! I was wondering if when you were about 13, did you live with a relative named Simonson? If so you were living next door to my great grandmother, which is the reason for my inquiry

Dave and Connie Latvala wrote:
Hi Elmer, can you play “the Blizzard” by Jim Reeves to all our Munising and Trenary friends ? We’re listening via internet in our home in Rio Rico, Arizona..We have been here about 4 years and enjoy your program.

Brenda Latvala-Matzen wrote:
Munising, Michigan. My husband is one of Elmers biggest fans.

Connie Sandstrom Latvala wrote:
Hi Elmer,
I live in Rio Rico Arizona now but originally from Trenary. I was hoping you could play That’s how much I love you by Eddy Arnold. We really enjoy your program.

Sheila wrote:
Watching Stripes, on tv, got Elmer Aho on my phone, Facebook open, crackpot full of weinies n beans, and a pot of coffee…life is good!

Sandy wrote:
OMG long gone lonesome blues! YEE HAW used yodel this my dad! Thank Elmer Aho :)

Sheila wrote:
Elmer Aho rules!

Carolyn McDonald wrote:
Listening in Negaunee. Thank you so much for playing Lane Dawson and Hoot Roberts for my Mom, Elaine Roose’s birthday. She loves to hear the music of Lane Dawson. What a special surprise when you played “Invitation To The Blues” by Hoot Roberts. That is one of her very favorite songs by Hoot. Thank you, Elmer. Thought you’d like to know she received a special birthday message from singer James Intveld yesterday. We look forward to seeing you a week from Wed. at the Finnish group. Drive home safely tonight.

Dakini Corsten wrote:
Glad I could hear that last of your show. Hank Snow and Jim Reeves. Very nice!”

Kerry Way wrote:
16 mile lake…great show

Lloyd wrote:
Listening to Elmer Aho!Going to make it a mellow night even though I was hoping to do something this weekend.Need to have a few good nights out and cut loose.As the late great Leslie Badge used to say “Rub butts with the young ones”

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great show Elmer!! A couple ladies listened to most of your show with me, of course they enjoyed the show!!! Until next week, take care.

Dakini Corsten wrote:
Thanks for the show elmer.

Kerry Way wrote:
Hi Elmer….your show was awesome last week! if possible, can u please dedicate George Jones white lightning to Bernie’s garage in Wetmore….thank you for all you do!

David Latvala wrote:
My wife Connie (Sandstrom) and I really enjoy streaming your show on the internet. We’ve been in southern Arizona for 4 years and you bring back many memories of Trenary, Munising and the entire U.P. I’d like to request “the blizzard” by Jim Reeves when you get a chance. Please send it out to all our friends and family in Alger County. Thanks for the memories.

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great show Elmer!!! I didn’t think you ( the best ) could get better, but you did!!!!!! Until next week, take care

Sandi Hodge wrote:
Your a Dream! Thank you so so much! You made my year! Love ya Elmer

Sandy Treloar Rogers wrote:
LOL does it mean you are getting old when you know every song on Elmer Aho’s radio show?

James Kolky wrote:
Love it!!!! Listening in Gourley Township near Bark River, MI.

Mary Ann Frantom wrote:
Listening and loving it in Saginaw Mi. Glad to have you back on Elmer.

James Kolky wrote:
Elmer-do you have Big Rock Candy Mountain by Harry “Haywire” McClintock? My Grandma Kolky’s favorite. Listening from Gourley Township near Bark River, MI.

Larry Sykora wrote:
Listening in Lansing every Saturday night glad your back on

Sandy Treloar Rogers wrote:
Listening to some Elmer Aho :) how I love Saturday night :)

Joni Hendrickson wrote:
My Uncle Elmer always picks the best!

Jennifer Ogea wrote:
Elmer I love listening to you Saturday evenings! You can always put a smile on my face. Thank you for the wonderful music.

Sandi Hodge wrote:
I miss you Elmer! Sure wish you were in Florida!

Debbie Lepage wrote:
Could u play a Dave Dudley song for Todd Lepage in Hubbell? he grew up knowing him and Tex Ritter in Danbury WI. He listens faithfully every week! Thanks, his wife Debbie!!!!!

Greg Ledgerwood wrote:
Alrighty Elmer, let them rip, been waiting.

Kerrie Garnsey Blackwood wrote:
Listening from the mountains of N.C.!!

Janet Knaffla wrote:
Hooray I so happy that you are feeling better we missed you!

Ross Christensen wrote:
Hi Elmer! Glad to hear you back on the air! I know that it’s Elmer’s pick night, but it’s our ( Ross & Jamie Christensen) wedding anniversary tomorrow. It would mean a lot us if you would play “Georgia on my mind” by Willie Nelson. Thanks Elmer!

Jon Billman wrote:
Elmer Aho is spinning Hank Sr.! Front moving through. Shrimp on the grill. Happy Saturday night everyone.

Rhonda Aho wrote:
Hope its a great night uncle, I know Diane and Patty are listening waiting for great tunes. Another girl I work with is crazy for your show too, Kristen.

Jenna Lutey wrote:
Hi there Elmer!
It is my boyfriends parents 39th anniversary on Saturday, they love your show, your license plate is hung up at camp, rarely rarely do they miss a show. You have become a part of our saturday nights.. it would mean the world to us for you to wish them a happy anniversary..39 years!!!! THANK YOU ELMER, we love ya!
-Jenna and Joe

Mike and Judy Lackman wrote:
Elmer we will be at our camp at Pike Lake Gwinn MI. Would you please play seven Spanish Angels or You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma for us. we always listen to you when we are at our camp. thank you.

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great show Elmer!! I enjoyed Lois Gage and all the great songs you played. Until next week, take care

Emmi M. wrote:
Please play Miners Prayer by Dwight Yokam for my fiance Brad my 5th generation miner. He has listened to you with many generations of his

Marsha Ottem wrote:
My husband and I have listened to your program here in Greeneville, TN for years. Our son and his wife live in Marquette and teach at Northern Michigan University.

My husband passed away on July 27th, 2013 . I have sweet memories of the Saturday nights that we listened to your program.

Marsha Ottem

Sheila Rae West wrote:
What about Minneapolis? I got my Elmer fix going, on-line

Tommy Daugherty wrote:
Hey Elmer just sayin hi from Richmond Nascar race supporting the UP can’t wait to hear you again live and say hi to the rest of the Daughertys listening in Gwinn and Marquette!

Rudy Forsberg wrote:
After a long day working in an awesome kitchen, I always look forward to a cold Stroh’s and your broadcast. Thanks for providing me with a delightful start/end to a busy day.

Ben Watson wrote:
My two year old apparently loves Elmer Aho, after dinner we turned it up louder and she yelled YAY! Then said Dancing! That’s when you know your raising them right.

Ben Watson wrote:
Sitting around eating dinner with the family listening to Elmer Aho!

Kerrie Blackwood wrote:
Hello Elmer.. First I want to say Im glad you are feeling better.I am originally from the UP.(Marquette)I now live in the mountains of NC. All of my family still live in the UP and listen to your show. My Brother texts me every Saturday night at 7:00 and says Elmer time. My Husband and I listen to you via the internet every Saturday as well as my Inlaws and many of our friends here in NC. We really love your show. I was wondering if I can request a song for my Brother Joe for his Birthday. Can you please play Country roads take me home. (from his Sister Kerrie and Uncle Scott) Thank you so very much and keep doing what your doing.

Melissa Wilder wrote:
I want to share with you an Elmer story… It was June 24 2011 and my boyfriend drive me to MGH because I was having contractions. Turns out our baby boy was going to come a few days early. Somehow his laptop ended up at the hospital and he was able to stream one of your past shows. We listened to you the whole day (it was a Friday). We had doctors and nurses very excited you were on in our room. Well needless to say our son Elden Gene was born during your show! I’m not a big country fan but Andy and I always have you on, on Saturday nights. You are kinda like family you know since you were in the delivery room and all.

Take care,
Melissa, Andy and Elden

Greg Ledgerwood wrote:
O ya its maybe a short work week, not short enough, Bring on Elmer!!!!

Darren Muljo wrote:
Mojo and Carrie listening from Perkins Park in Big Bay. How about some Waylon, Elmer! Hope your doing well!

Missy Taylor wrote:
Would you play “Singing in the Kitchen” for my 2 1/2 yr old Dale who is learning the words to his favorite Elmer song? We love your show!!
Thank you

Carolyn McDonald wrote:
Hello Elmer, I enjoyed listening to you on my birthday from our camp on Conway Lake. Thank you for the birthday wishes. My Mom and I hope to see you this Wed. at the Jacobetti Home. Have a great Labor Day weekend.

Katie Marks wrote:
Elmer on the radio after an awesome dinner, and maybe a fire if this wind does down. That’s what I call a fine Saturday evening.

Betty Martin wrote:
The whole Martin gang is at camp in Au Train. Big ones and little ones! We all enjoy your program and the little kids love the song “Singing in the kitchen” Could you please play it maybe in the 8:00 hour. Also Conway Twitty and “Tight Fitting Jeans” is my favorite. We would really enjoy hearing these songs and look forward to having you on the radio as we sit by the bon fire and will be lighting off fireworks at dark.

Thanks Elmer!!!
Betty and the whole Martin family

Terry Ball wrote:
Elmer don’t matter what you play just wish some younger folks out there would appreciate what they missed growing up to in the U P. I would hope that Todd finds a replacement for you when and if you decide to hang it up hopefully we still have you for many years to play all the old classics.

Robin Girard-Westfall wrote:
Thank you Elmer for playing our request for us. The song, “Silver Haired Daddy of Mine,” was our mother’s favorite because it reminded her of her father. Now, it reminds us of HER. The family stayed up late Saturday night to listen for it. Thank you, again. –The Girard-Westfall families.

Carolyn McDonald wrote:
Hi Elmer, I was listening and heard your gospel number at the end of the show that you played for Bob and his wife. Bob had requested a gospel number at the Jacobetti home on Wed. You played “Whispering Hope” by Skeeter Davis. Her rendition is so beautiful! I had mentioned that to you after you had played it another time to close your show. I’m glad you chose that one for Bob and his wife. My Mom Elaine and me (Karoliina) wish you a great week.

Beverly Nettleton wrote:
Great Show Elmer!!! A big Thanks to you & all your co-workers!!! Until next week, take care

Larry Spagnolo wrote:
They’re all great Elmer! You really know how to pick em! Thanks! :)

Katie Marks wrote:
She loves Elmer! She’ll ask for her radio on at night before she goes to bed so she can listen to Elmer. Thank you for making her night!! We love listening to your show!!! :)

Katie Marks wrote:
Elmer just sent Kenley out the coolest request. I love living in the UP. Happy Yooper Day everyone! ♥

Sean Cassidy wrote:
The Cassidy’s are streaming Elmer from port Sanilac, MI. We would like to get a shoutout to Moon Dance trucking in Skandia.

Heidi Moon wrote:
We’re listening to you on the shores of Gitchee Gumee tonight, Elmer Aho! Thanks for playing The Everly Brothers!

Tiffany Parnell wrote:
Sittin’ at home, listening to the country western program of the week by Elmer Aho online, and missing my very dear grandmother Carol Pearce. I bet she’s listening in negaunee too!

Bonnie Meni wrote:
Please play Help me make it through the night for Pete Hasselblad in Green Bay. (He is in the hospital Elmer, a pretty sick boy) I will be at the hospital streamlining your show for him on my laptop. Earlier the better, he’s pretty doped up. Tell everybody that Pete is half Swede, half Finn, half Green Bay, half Gwinn! Pete’s four cats love Elmer! His cat Stormy wants to hear Buffalo Gals.
Thank you, Bonnie Meni

Kathy Winders wrote:
Glad your back & feeling better. You were missed. Thank goodness for taped programs some we had missed and got to listen to them again. Aug 20 is Ken’s & my 30th anniversary. So could you play Ann Murrays Can I have this dance. It was our wedding song. Thank you and God Bless you Elmer. Love & prayers.

Greg Ledgerwood wrote:
It was awsome Elmer !!

Mike Hauswirth wrote:
One of, if not THE best shows on Yoop radio. I love it when I can catch the broadcast! Keep on keepin’ on!

Ann & Gail wrote:
Here we are, two sometime Yoopers listening tonight around our campfire on the worldwide web in central Wisconsin. Glad you are back on the air!! Like the song says”thanks a lot”
Gail and Ann

Dave Grizzel wrote:
Hey Elmer,
You’ve never met me but I’ve been a fan of yours since moving to the UP twelve and a half years ago. I even know the house that you grew up in out in Kiva. I’ve got one of your cassettes and wish I had many more. Once or twice I heard you on the country radio station as a disk jockey. You are a legend Elmer! Thanks so much for accepting me as a friend (Facebook). I certainly hope you’re feeling well Elmer, you’ve been through so much. I will pray to our Savior about your health and even longer life.

In His Clutches,
Dave Grizzel

Jim Mayers wrote:
I’m from New Hampshire and love deer hunting as well as anyone out your way. Two friends, David Hinsley and Alan Brown told me all about your show…sure wish we had you on the radio in New Hampshire and in the northern Adirondack woods of New York.

Al always listens to you from his UP deer camp as well as from his other hunting location in Wisconsin. Please say hello to Al. He kills some big deer.

Your friend from New Hampshire,
Jim Mayers

Mark Mitchell wrote:
Was hunting by Rapid River. Heard your show and loved it. I live in Cadillac but would like to listen online. How do I connect to it ?
Thanks and Happy Holidays. Mark

Gary Wommer wrote:
Thank you, Elmer, for considering this request. I would like to hear ” I can’t help it if I’m still in love with you” by Hank Williams Sr for Cindy. Thanks Again! I listen to the whole show every week!

Wally Patterson wrote:
Hi Elmer,
Thanks for taking my call recently, I know you are very busy with the radio and I must tell you that you are doing a fabulous job with the program. Every One loves your show!
I must tell you also that last Saturday night we (my sister and family) were invited to a country music jamboree just down the road from where I am staying. It is in Green Hills and the neighbors put this thing together every once in a while and invite their friends and neighbors to sing along. It was great!! They have some real talent here and sing many of the American traditional songs. They had a fiddler there also and I went to shake his hand after their part of the program was finished and discovered that he was the fiddler for the one and only Slim Dusty. This guy is amazing to say the least. He is considered the very best in all of Australia and it was a great pleasure to meet him personally. The entire evening was great and it was over by 10:00 and every one went their way. I happened to meet Stuart Watson, the fiddler for Slim, and given the idea that I listen very carefully when talking with Aussies, it is hard to determine their actual comment sometimes. I believe he said his name as Stuart Watson so I will go with that for now. If I learn differently I will correct my mistake in the next letter. Simply said– This guy is A REMARKABLE person on the fiddle and it was such a pleasure to meet and hear him. I thought of you frequently through out the evening. Thank you again for taking the time for my rambling here and also for playing a tune by Johnny Cash for your friend and mine, Ben Livingston. He so loves Johnny Cash. I will write again later and if I can I will introduce you to my friends and family here through the media of the Internet. It is 8:30 on Monday morning here as I write this to you.

Best wishes,
Wally Patterson

Matthew wrote:
Elmer – I live in St. Louis, Missouri, but my wife’s family lives up in the UP, a great Yooper family in Palmer and Munising (Holly is a GREAT fan).

I would like to request Brad Paisley’s “She’s Everything”. My wife and I have been separated for most of the last 12 months due to her deployment to Central America which came within months of my return from Afghanistan. I love my wife more than anything, and would just like to see if you can play this dedicated to my Captain, Erin Melissa. She is my “everything” and I just wanted to remind her and tell the world.

Thanks for keeping the good music flowing, Elmer!


Gary Wommer wrote:
Thank you, Elmer, for playing such good music every week. My request is for Cindy and it is T.G. Sheppard. singing ” The Last Cheater’s Waltz” I’ve heard it before on your show, but it’s such a good song!
Thanks Again!

Richard Florence wrote:
Hey Mr. Aho,
You might remember me as Dick Florence back in the middle 70′s when you taught at Gwinn. At one point I was taking 3 art classes a day from you. Well, it paid off, I’m an award winning animator, illustrator and cartoonist here in Denver and I wanted to say ‘Thanks’ and am glad to hear you’re still alive and kicking.

P.S. I has a radio show here in Denver for a couple of years on the
Classic Rock station. What a coincidence.

Take care!
Richard (Dick) Florence

Nathan wrote:
“Elmer kicks ass!!! keep up the good pickin music, and thank you!”

Lana Mahan wrote:
Hi Elmer! I finally got hooked up on the I-net – WHEW! What a task. My computer is old & slow just like me. I really enjoy Reba, Dolly & Billie Jo Spears Trio song. I also like Alan Jackson, Patsy Cline, and some of the old – old – old timers like Bing Crosby & Hank Williams. Hope to hear some of those this Saturday! Keep ‘em comin’!!!

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