Charlie Daniels Performance Of The Devil Went Down To Georgia Is Still Ringing In My Mind

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EscanabaAugust 2011– I was just pulling up some pictures of the U.P. State Fair including livestock animals,  the rides,  Norms French Fries, Croatian Chicken, and Charlie Daniels LIVE.

Promoted on WFXD - Charlie Daniels Best Band Ever August 2011

Yooo…I am still tapping my toe to his band.

I’ve seen him numerous times.  In the Early 1990’s we played golf together in Gladstone. I won that round with him and his wife…

His band was good then.  But this most recent band is the best. Only the keyboard player was the same.  These guys were heavy, fast players with all the best licks.

When I get discouraged in life, I just think of Charlie and his life long commitment to the music he loves to share.

Keep on Keepin’ On Charlie!

On another note,  can you really beat the county fair?  Birds… Pigs… Cows…


and Cotton Candy… Rides…  Music…


Fun stuff!

I love the colors of this bird!

One Little Piggy At the Alger County & Escnaba Fair This Year

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