Politics, Zombies, and Bob Hope, This Is Vintage Old Video

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Leaning Republican? Leaning Democrat? Leading or following? Are you thinking on your own, or just following along like a Zombie?

Bob Hopes Wonders Why Pople Follow Along Like Zombies

My Marquette golf friend leans quite conservative. And leaning that way, he is complaining lately that so many people in America just follow Obama, regardless what he does or what he says.

He was also very opposed to a recent Time magazine article that indicated any person that is opposed to Obama as a critic is dubbed crazy? “That’s Crazy” he says.

Even Bob Hope 60 years ago noticed this might be a problem in this vintage video clip.

Some Claim This as The Greatest Movie Line Ever by Bob Hope

Do you think people are just acting like Zombies?

Do you think people are thinking on their own?

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