Marquette & NMU Graduate Named Therapist of The Month In Colorado

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It’s hard to stand out.  When the pack gets big, it’s hard to be recognized. 

But it’s the job of the seniors in a group to identify up-and-comers, to see their potential, and then pick them like an apple off the tree.

I just wanted to share this news.  My daughter-in-law just received high honors at Denver Family Institute  in Colorado as being named “Therapist of The Month.”  She will be graduating in June with a masters in Animal Assisted Social Work.

The good news is she is coming back to Marquette soon.  This means some blessed organization that employs counselors or therapists can benefit from someone at the top.

I think some Marquette agency or private practice is going to Hit A Home Run if they hire someone that is honored by the Dean as “Therapist of The Month.”

Congratulations Cori Noordyk on being honored by the DEAN

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