Marquette’s Gets “Good Mood Food” Tomorrow

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Marquette02/16/12– Marquette will get their chance to indulge in “Good Mood Food” starting tomorrow with the Grand Opening of a brand new Arby’s restaurant tomorrow.

Located on Wright Street or County Road492, Arby’s will be serving up their menu of  Ultimate Angus, Subs, Roast Beef,Prime Cut Chicken sandwiches, salads, shakes, desserts and more. I almost forgot to mention Curly Fries, Jalapeno Bites, Steakhouse Onion Rings!!! Mmmmm!


Stop by tomorrow and satisfy your Roast Beef hunger and more at Marquette’s new Arby’s!!! Tell them Great Lakes Radio sent you!!!!!

Grand Opening

Marquette's Own Arby's

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