Tickets just $85 for Country USA ’til Friday March 2, 2012

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Country USA in Oshkosh is a riot. Get your 5 day $200 pass for $85 right now.

Let go the the concert this summer. Tickets are priced for less at 906-228-6800.

Now in its 17th year,
The Maximum Country Music and Camping Festival has become one of America’s biggest and best outdoor festivals. In fact, The Weather Channel has named Country USA “one of the nation’s top three outdoor music festivals!”

This is the line-up for this June.

Make plans now to go June 19-23. Even if you attend just 2 days, one over-night, it’s worth the $85 for all those #1 country class acts.

Let's go to Country USA This Summer!

Jessica and Eric said these folks are having a ball at Country USA. This is quite common when I was there.

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