Graduation Gowns Made from Plastic?

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NMU Ordered New Recycled Gowns

I found out something interesting about NMU’s graduation gowns in class the other day. Apparently the new gowns for 2012, which I have ordered, are made out of recycled plastic bottles. Yea, you heard me right, recycled plastic!

I’ve seen them and I was told that they were going to be made out of Repreve Yarn. I didn’t know what that was, but they looked silky and shiny. Plastic bottles never would have crossed my mind. It’s another way NMU is taking steps to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
Go to the The North Wind to check out the article. It talks about how less carbon dioxide emissions are produced and how it actually saves gas to use the new material.
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Graduation Gown

New Graduation Gowns

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