Protecting Our Younger Kids

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MarquetteEaster 2013 – As the father of three children I consider myself to be quite protective. Over the years this has ledKevin and Issac Taylor Live On the Radio on SunnyFM Marquette

to some heated discussions between my wife and I, particularly when our kids have been invited to “sleepovers” by their friends.

 To be clear my wife has a healthy level protectionism when it comes to her children, too! Inevitably my input comes down to how well (if at all) do we know that family at whose home the “sleepover” will take place? If I don’t know the family I am reluctant, unwilling and yes, even immovable on the issue.

 The bottom line is that we want to protect our children. You can never be too careful these days!

 Recently, our youngest was able to save up enough money to purchase an electronic tablet devise.  He was so excited when it arrived!  About a week or two into the whole experience my wife was doing some maintenance on his devise when pop-ups began to appear in rapid succession.  Each pop-up was an advertisement for pornography sites.  My wife let out a gasp.  Immediately I asked about her response.  When she told me what had just happened I was overwhelmed with concern.  Have we been unknowing accomplices in shattering the innocence of our young son through our own ignorance?

 All those conversations about sleepovers and now I may have allowed something to come into our home that can bring harm to our son. After doing some investigating we feel at peace that he was not exposed to the pop-ups and we have taken appropriate measures to ensure that it cannot happen in the future.

Pastor Kevin Taylor Loves Families and Loves Kids

Pastor Kevin Taylor Loves Families and Loves Kids

 As I step back and look at the big picture I realize that our desire to protect our children has affected many of the decisions that we make and the activities that we participate in. One of those activities is prayer. Most every night at bedtime I go into the bedroom of our youngest (as I did with the others) and kneel down beside his bed to pray with him. Often I will make reference to Psalm 91:11 in my prayer where the psalmist writes, “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways” (New International Version). I have prayed those words over my children for the past 25 years.

 Being a parent is such a significant responsibility! Now that our older ones have left the “nest” I continue to pray the same prayer over the lives.

 Maybe prayer has not been a big part of your life up to this point. I have some good news for you . . . you can start now! Prayer is simply conversation between you and God. If you would like to know more about a relationship with God or how better to pray for your family,

 I would invite to bring your family and come as you are to any of our 3 Easter services at Silver Creek Church in Harvey (Saturday at 6 pm and Sunday at 9 and 11am). Check us out at or find us on Facebook.

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