Hematite Softball Fund Raiser Stats- Huge Success!

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Perkins in Marquette

“Thanks  for coming to eat with us. The fundraiser was a huge success. I can’t thank you, Mike (Plourde) and Great Lakes Radio and Kurt at Perkins enough,” wrote Jeremy Thompson, Coach of the Ishpeming Hematites Girls Fast-Pitch Softball Team.

The team made and served at least 625 pancakes, 250 pieces of bacon and 125 drinks with total sales, donations and tips totaling over $1,100!

The team is now ready to go PLAY BALL, so hopefully the weather will cooperate! Go to www.wrup.com for Hematite updates!

Thank you to all of the Hematite supporters!

Go to http://wrup.com/2013/04/perkins-and-ishpeming-hematite-girls-softball-fundraiser/ to see a photo gallery of the team!


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