Petoskey Brewery is New to Marquette

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The Petoskey Brewery Crew

The Petoskey Brewery Crew

There’s a new brewery distributing in Marquette, and you won’t want to miss out on the horny monk! You may be thinking what does the bee keeping friar tuck have to do with this… Well, the Petoskey Brewery has a fantastic Belgian Dubble named Horny Monk that’s sure to make a friend in anyone who raises a glass.

the wild rover

Marquette’s Irish Pub

This beer trumps every belgian I’ve ever had and is easily one of the easiest drinkers I’ve tried.  Our friends at Petoskey Brewery brought a fun night to The Wild Rover – Marquette’s favorite Irish Pub.  With 5 courses of fine food and incredible beer the dinner lasted around 3 hours.  Laughs and glasses bring raised for a toast could be heard throughout the venue, and continued on after I left.


The 5 courses started off light with a caprice salad and the Horny Monk, and the dinner finishing off with some of the best ice cream I’ve ever experienced.

Smoke House Glenn came and brought some taayt meats!

Smoke House Glenn came and brought some tasty meats!


Round number 2 was a delicious combination of cheese- both cheddar and blue with SmokeHouseGlenns sausage made special for the Rover.  Along with prosciutto, head cheese, fresh berries and Petoskey Brewery’s Minds Eye PA.  This was one of my

Award winning Meat and Cheese with incredible beers

Award winning Meat and Cheese with incredible beers

favorite courses.  The Cheese and hop of the beer worked great together, the flavors were all so delicious I’m not sure which was my favorite.  All I knew… was I wanted more.






Bill T having a good time

Bill having a good time – He liked the little spoons!

Course number three was Tuckers Pale Ale and a tasty little soup

with a stuffed green onion.  This soup was perfectly spiced and paired so well with the Tuckers Pale Ale, it was gone before we knew it and had us wishing formore.

The fourth course was a 100% local dish.  The plate comprised of a pork chop, kale, chard, and an edible flower all came from Seeds and Spores.  This was the chefs favorite according to our server, we could all see why!  The Petoskey Brewery Amber Ale that went along with this was refreshing and smooth while having enough body to compete with the chop to be the main event of round 4.

Local Pork and Veggies

Local Pork and Veggies from Seeds and Spores

Our night finished out with P. Town Brown Ale and some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had.  The P. Town from Petoskey Brewery had some delicious Honey flavors mixed in with a smooth malty blend of eight barleys.  The ice cream was topped with smoked salt, a mint leave, and cayenne powder!  What a treat.

Our Delicious Dessert

Our Delicious Dessert

Over all the crowd favorite was the Horny Monk, which is on tap at the Wild Rover on Washington St. in Marquette.  I’ll be back for this and all of the fine beers from Petoskey Brewery.  Rumor has it they will be back in the U.P. for the Fall Beer Fest on September 7th, and I for one can’t wait!

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