Friendship and Dating Advice from Taylor Swift!

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Taylor SwiftIn a recent interview with InStyle magazine, Taylor Swift, famous for her relationship ups and downs, dishes some advice for those who are dealing with matters of the heart.

Taylor says, “If you are dealing with someone still in love, nothing you say can change their feelings. All you can do is be there for them and pick them up every time they get hurt.”

In fact, Taylor adds, “You have to know that whatever advice you give, they may not take it. The priority should be on keeping the friendship rather than giving the best advice.”

Finally, Taylor reveals the last time she cried…and no, it wasn’t because she broke up with somebody.  “Have you ever seen that commercial for Dawn [dishwashing liquid], with the baby ducks with oil all over them from a spill, and they get baths using Dawn?” she gushes. “And then they are set free? And they do the same thing with some otters. I cried hysterically!”


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