Power Rates Going Up For Marquette Michigan

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Marquette Board Of Light and Power Marquette MichiganMarquette  –  October 28, 2013  –    The Marquette City Commission voted “yes” on the Board of Light & Power’s proposed rate hike.

It was refreshing to hear common sense emanating from most members of the commission.  Those who were opposed initially were swayed by the overwhelming arguments in favor of keeping low cost power in the Marquette area.

Not all were swayed however…

Now, I’m not saying we all have to agree.  There are times people just will not agree on the best path forward, even if they agree there is a problem.  My problem lies with… well… with lies!

Commissioners Cambensy and Schneider made statements that were simply not true during the meeting.  I have said on many occasions that if you have to lie to make your point… your point probably does not deserve to be made.  I still believe that!

I’ll be happy to hear from both Sara and Jason why they misrepresented what happened at the work sessions with the MBLP.

I will be interested to hear whether they intentionally made the statements to try to sway opinion, or if they simply were not paying attention at the meeting they attended.

Jason did vote with the majority in the hopes that higher rates will lead to more conservation (also favoring $12 per gallon gas)…

Sara, however was simply just wrong… not necessarily in her vote, but certainly in her tactics.

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