Who Turned Out The Lights?

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Christmas Tree

Thousand Light Christmas Tree


I’m Phillip, a new employee at Great Lakes Radio. I recently moved into my first apartment without roommates. It’s been nice to make decisions without someone else saying no. One of the many disagreements I had with my last set of roommates was when to set up Christmas decorations. I think Halloween is the official start of the holiday season and that Christmas decorations should be set up on the first of November.

So the other day I pulled my tree and lights out of the storage closet and began my yearly night of untangling lights and spreading out plastic branches. The tree went up pretty quickly. I only had to take it apart 3 times because I built it wrong (I “lost” the instructions a long time ago). Then I covered it with over a thousand lights before the branches started sagging from the weight. Those lights are only a year old so I was confident they would work, but I wasn’t so sure about my second-hand icicle lights.

I plugged in the first set before stringing them across the ceiling and almost cried when only half the strand lit up. The other 3 strands didn’t go any better. I fought with them for an hour, changing one bulb after another trying to figure out why they were only half working. Eventually, I packed them up and threw them back into the closet. I guess its time to pick up some new ones. I hear LED lights work for years. I think I’ll pick up a Christmas door mat while I’m out shopping.

Old Icicle Lights

Time For Some New Lights

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