Found Object Art – RiCA & Frick

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Class Project Sculptures

“Found Object” Art Project

Marquette-MI (Phillip) NMU has a fantastic Art and Design Department. Many students who finish their BFA break the stereotype of out-of-work artists. It’s easy to see why A&D is so rewarding when you look at the level of creativity demanded of students in every class.

One project in Northern’s Visual Structures class requires students to “find objects” and make something out of 9 of them that shows movement. This photo shows the work of two students.

The top creature in brown is made of fabric, feathers, leather, milk cartons, screws, toothpicks, string, cardboard and a ring. On the leather was stamped the words Trick and Treat. The T’s looked more like F’s so the student decided to name the creature Frick. Frick’s limbs move and the wings flap.

The creature that Frick is riding is made of wood, chair legs, drawer hinges, a circuit board, a webcam, an audio cable, TV antennae, volume control buttons, and a metal plate. The TV antennae was from the RCA brand so the student named it RiCA. RiCA has a moveable eye and ears and his tale wags.

As the class was showing off their works of art they made a joke out of finding ways to combine them all together. So, Frick ended up riding RiCA as a trusty steed.

This is proof that art doesn’t require perfect tools or costly supplies. Hopefully, seeing these projects has sparked some creativity in you to try making something out of things you find that you don’t need anymore. If you do build a “found object” sculpture, post a description in the comments section below.

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