Same Rules – Same Taxes – Same Everything For Tribe In The Township

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An Old Picture of Gas Prices in Baraga

An Old Picture of Gas Prices in Baraga

Marquette Township  –  November 12, 2013  – Dan’s Daily Rant 11/12/2013  – If the tribe doesn’t have to pay the tax, neither should their competitors.

The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community will likely pass a hurdle allowing them to build a gas station in Marquette Township.

You may recall I discussed this earlier this year, and kept repeating one over-riding philosophy that I believe should guide ALL our decisions.

All people should be treated equally, and subject to the same rules as everyone else.  The meeting of the planning commission is not to determine whether or not we will see low-price gas… it is whether or not the building plans will meet the specifications required by the township’s zoning ordinance.

Even if the plans are approved, that only approves the building of the facility… NOT the taxability of the items to be sold there… that is an issue still to be resolved by the state.

Now I said back in June, that I would love to see the tribe open a gas station here…. BUT that they should be subject to the same rules and regulations every other station has to follow.  Same Taxes, Same everything… Heck I even wrote a song and a limerick about it…
(see them at

If they can operate under the same rules, I welcome them… but if they don’t have to pay the tax, neither should their competitors.  It’s called competition for a reason… it is supposed to be a fair battle for people’s business.  So don’t start drooling over lower priced gas yet. However it is juts $2.97 today at the The Pines Convenience Center, 501 US-41 N, Squaw Beach Dr, Baraga, MI 49908, Phone: 906-353-6223

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