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Mini Pad of Sticky Notes

Sticky Post Notes

Marquette, MI (11/14/13) I love lists. I love sticky notes. No this isn’t a 3M brand deal. I simply thought I would pass along my passion for post-its. What better way than to make another list? Here’s my top 5 favorite reasons to make lists.

5. I have a lot of space in my brain, not much of it is free.

I’m holding down two jobs, an internship, and 17 credit hours at NMU. I’m always learning something. My computer has sticky notes on the desktop and I feel like I have layers of them built up by now.

4. Who, What, When, Where, Why.

I have a bad habit of not getting all the information for things like that movie I was late for last weekend. Writing out these 5 steps keeps me from forgetting to ask a question I would never be able to guess the answer to. I wish I could say I only skipped the opening credits, but my friends still won’t tell me what I missed in the first 20 minutes of Ender’s Game.

3. Celebrating the little victories.

Come on, you know you want a high five for finishing the dishes or taking out the trash. Its nice to be appreciated and crossing anything off the to-do list shows progress and helps build momentum towards the big tasks.

2. That one thing…no, the other thing.

We’ve all made a trip to the store only to realize that you forgot what you were there to pick up. You call your husband or wife to ask them what it was and get frustrated at them for not knowing either.

1. First Things First.

Sometimes making lists can be overwhelming. You realize how many things you have to do and you don’t have near enough time to finish half of them. Grab a paper bag and stop the hyperventilating. Make priorities based on time they need to be finished and the time they will take and start with something small. Realize you have to start somewhere to get anything accomplished.

Hopefully I’ve got you ready to jump into that long to-do list head first. Just know you’re not the only person who puts “finish writing this list” as an item on the list.


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