National Take a Hike Day – Thomas Rock Nature Trail and Pinnacle Falls – Big Bay, Michigan

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Lake Independence and Lake Superior from the platform – Thomas Rock Nature Trail in Big Bay.

Ishpeming, Michigan  –  November 18, 2013  –  I’m not sure how many people knew, but yesterday was National Take a Hike Day. It was a little too wet and icky for hiking, so I thought I would share a few pictures of a some hiking I did back in September.

Since it was a beautiful day, we started out at the Thomas Rock Nature Trail in Big Bay. It’s not exactly a rustic hiking experience, but it does offer a nice walk through the woods and a picturesque panoramic view of Lake Independence and Lake Superior at the summit.


Walking on the Thomas Rock Nature Trail  –  I just liked the way the light filtered through the trees.

I also had a lot of fun with the special effects on my phone’s camera.

We’d had enough of tame hiking, so we decided to try to find Pinnacle Falls. Armed with a snowmobile map and a big 4WD truck, we set off.

I’d been there once as a small child and it’s funny how even though the scenery had changed completely, I still remembered where it was — almost. So we made one wrong turn and wound up six or seven miles away from the parking lot — we still found it!


Pinnacle Falls is secluded and hard to get to, but it is breathtaking and well worth the hike.

The trail down to the falls was pretty much what you’d expect a trail out in the middle of the woods to look like. That is, it almost disappeared a couple times, but you could still follow it down.

We went to the lower part of the falls and once we got off the main trail, it was a little rough going. It took a little less than 15 minutes to get to the lower falls.


Another shot of Pinnacle Falls. I could sit here for hours. It’s just that peaceful.

The thing about hiking to Pinnacle Falls is that you have to hike  back UP to the parking lot — That took a little over half an hour. Funny, I didn’t notice how bad the bugs were on the way down to the falls but I sure noticed them on the climb back up!

In my humble opinion though, the hike down (and yes, even the hike back up) was well worth the effort. The reward was a few incredibly relaxing moments with my feet in the swirling ice cold water, listening to the water crashing over the falls. Pinnacle Falls is just one of the many reasons why I live here in the U.P.

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