Would Tim McGraw be an Ishpeming Fan?

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timmcgraw7_hIt’s been nearly 10 years since Tim McGraw appeared in the football-themed movie Friday Night Lights, but his love for high school football is stronger than ever. His oldest daughter, Gracie, is a cheerleader at her Nashville high school now, but Tim was going to the games when she was still in elementary and middle school.

He says, “I love the atmosphere on Friday nights, the heart and soul that the kids put into it, how hard they work, the effort that they have.”

Even though Tim gets caught up in the competition, he knows those high school football players are learning lessons that will serve them well later in life.

“It teaches you about losing, and winning even,” Tim explains. “It’s just sort of a microcosm for how to go about life and how to go through your life and how to handle adversity.”

Of course, Tim also starred with Sandra Bullock in the Oscar-winning football film The Blind Side.

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