Having Doubts About Santa This Year?

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santaMost one-time believers would agree that Christmas was always better in the years when they believed there was a Santa Claus. But even if it’s been years since you decided he may not be real, an advertising agency called Mr. President has hired a hypnotist to help you restore your faith in that jolly man with the bag.

In the 17-minute-long video originally broadcast as a live Google Hangout but now viewable on YouTube, hypnotist Jon Patrick can be seen in a festive red vest, offering a few people in the Hangout a chance to relax as they focus on a red Christmas ball. In soothing tones, Patrick helps listeners relive an ideal Christmas when they believed in Santa, and envision a personal interaction with him. “He’s giving you a nice present…He’s real, and he’s always believed in you,” the Brit says.

The video comes with a disclaimer reading, “By watching this video you are thereby showing willingness to be hypnotized and accept all side effects that the belief in Santa Claus may bring.”


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