Can’t Work Today. I’m Dead.

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NewspaperImagine opening up The Mining Journal, and seeing that you are dead! There certainly aren’t a lot of people who get the chance to read their own obituary in the newspaper, but 81-year-old Sven-Olof Svensson of southern Sweden is one of them.

After Svensson was admitted to a hospital on Christmas Eve for treatment of an undisclosed illness, his 90-year-old sister telephoned the doctor treating Sven and was left with the impression that her brother had passed away, according to The Local.

The sister immediately wrote an obituary for her dearly departed brother and got it published in a local newspaper on New Year’s Eve.  When a friend went to collect “the dead’ man’s” belongings on January 3rd, he was told by hospital staff that Sven was sitting up in bed and doing much better.

Sven wasn’t angry about the misunderstanding and later told a local reporter, “You can see the humor in it.”

Asked how he felt about reading his own obituary, Sven told the reporter, “We are all on the same road. Sooner or later you are going to end up in the obituary section. I’ve lived a fantastic long life. I’m 81 and can’t complain about my age.”

Sven says he feels much better now and sums up the entire episode with the Mark Twain quote, “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

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