Soap Opera’s Blamed for Murder Rate?

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SUDSHere is a weird take on things! The president of Venezuela has a new plan to curb his country’s skyrocketing murder rate, but it’s not the implementation of some law enforcement initiative or high-tech crime fighting gear: he’s going after soap operas.

President Nicolas Maduro says the country’s popular telenovelas are to blame for crimes like the recent murder of actress and former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear and her ex-husband. According to the Spanish language Voz de America, Maduro has urged television executives to change a, “culture of violence glamorized by the media.”

He said of the popular TV programs, “They transmit negative values of death, drugs, arms, violence and treachery and everything bad that a human can be.”

Critics claim this isn’t the first time the country’s leaders have looked for an easy fix to the problem — some 20 anti-crime initiatives have been launched, yet the murder rate continues to skyrocket. Corruption and a weakened judicial system are really the causes of the crime rate, country, Maduro’s opposition claims.

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