How to Fight Depression in Winter

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Depressing Weather

Snowy Day Syndrome

Winter can be a hard time in Northern Michigan. It is pretty obvious that children are excited to have snow days from school. But what do you do when its too cold to go outside to play? Without the sun to keep our moods up it can become very depressing. Here are a few tips to fight off Snow Day Syndrome.

Remember that You Are Awesome. Sometimes its hard to remember the things that make you special. Never lose track of your passions and dreams because they make you great. Tell someone else that they’re great too. We all need to hear it more often.

Snowboarding and Skiing seem the obvious choice for winter activities, but not everyone is that physically inclined. If you want to stay active, take a trip to the UPSportsplex where they have batting cages, driving ranges, soccer and hockey leagues. Its a great place to take the kids to burn some energy on a snow day.

Pick up a hobby. You could always try something new like dance classes or check out some of the crafting programs offered around town. Or how about starting a puzzle group where you get together to finish off some artworks. Its a great way to make new friends and gives you a goal to stay motivated and involved.

It has been proven that people who smile when the don’t feel happy actually become happy. Its called a Duchenne Smile when you use the muscles around the eyes and mouth. So try choosing happiness when things aren’t going your way and pass the positive to the next person. Smiles are contagious after all.

If none of my other suggestions work, then try a Sunlight Therapy Lamp. For around $70 you can pick up one of these beauties that helps your body maintain its balance and leaves you refreshed to take on the cold, cloudy days. Or talk to your doctor. There could be a quick natural chemical fix for any imbalance that causes a mood drop.

Leave a comment below if you have other tricks or tips for fighting depression. And remember, You Are Awesome.

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