Safety Tips for Driving Near Snow Plows

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Salt Truck

The Winter Wrecker

According to the Michigan State Police there were 273,891 reported traffic accidents in 2012. With all of the snow plows on the road right now it is a good time to be reminded of safe driving habits involving plows.

  • Slow down as soon as you see a snow plow. Generally, plows travel less than 30 mph. Snow and ice can increase the time it takes to slow down. Most snow plow collisions occur when a vehicle runs into a snow plow from behind after slipping on ice.
  • Stay behind a snowplow, when possible. If you choose to pass one, do so carefully. Their field of vision is limited, so make sure your presence is known to the driver before attempting to pass. Never pass a plow on the right side to avoid the heavy snow and ice throw. Watch for the cloud of snow cloud thrown up by the plow and never try to pass when the cloud is blurring your vision.
  • Keep in mind that a plow could be on any section of road during bad weather. Pay special attention to intersections and medians.
  • Always buckle up before you start to drive, because a plow could be right at the end of your driveway.

Now, of course they are called accidents for a reason. But following these practical safety tips should help keep you safer on the roads this winter.

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