January 29th National Puzzle Day

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Glow in the Dark Puzzle

New York, New York

This New York skyline is my most recent mission. I bought it for a friend when she took a trip to New York with a school band. I’ve been holding onto this puzzle for years and finally thought it was time to put the thing together. What better day than today, National Puzzle Day?

I’ve gotten a good start on it so far. I always start with the outside row, then this one has a quote on the bottom that was easy to work. Then things got difficult.

Above and below the buildings are blocks of blue color, sky on top and water on bottom. That made it hard to work on the buildings while they floated in the middle of the puzzle. I worked on the roof and shore lines until I found some pieces that connected to the sides.

Now its just a matter of filling in all the blue and the random buildings that have the same coloring. Then I think I’m going to glue and frame it and give it to my friend. Hopefully she doesn’t read this post so it will be a surprise. Go ahead and start your own puzzle today, and let me know what picture it is in the comments below.

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