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Canon EOS Rebel T3i

Marquette, MI (2/14/14) I love the Canon Eos Rebel T3i. We at Great Lakes Radio use one for all our photo shoots. The ease of use and great quality photo and video are the reason I chose to buy one for myself and I could not be happier. Except for the overpriced accessories.

Don’t get me wrong, the camera itself is fantastic. But now I have the issue that to purchase any accessories at the stores in Marquette, everything is marked-up dramatically. This week I was tasked with taking video of some speeches and I realized that one battery might not last long enough.

So, I looked around town for a backup battery, just in case. I was nearly outraged at the prices from a couple of the stores. They wanted a fifth the price of the camera, just for a battery.

I’m not going to name any names, because I know why they have to charge so much. When electronics are purchased, very little profit is made off of the main item. The accessories are where the stores cash in big time. But, I know a way around this price inflation.

Replacement Charging Pack

Canon Replacement Battery

I checked online and found an off-brand battery for just over ten dollars with great reviews. Now, that’s the right price for a backup. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time for them to ship before the speeches. So I crossed my fingers and prayed that one battery on a full charge would last.

I was amazed to see that Canon was dead-on with their prediction of film time. I got exactly one hour and forty minutes. Which is precisely what the Canon website listed. I made it through all of the speeches with the warning light flashing through the last one. Needless to say, I will be ordering the replacement battery for next time, just in case.

The take away is just because you get what you pay for, doesn’t mean overpaying will give you better quality.

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