You Can’t Do That in France!

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handcuffsImagine visiting a grave in Marquette’s Park Cemetery to pay your respects, and leaving with a fine! Well, that is eactly what happened to a French woman, who is fighting a fine cops slapped her with for honoring her late hubby’s wishes by toasting him at his gravesite. According to the French-language paper La Provence, Josiane Couston gathered four friends, one of her sons, and her 3-year-old grandson to celebrate her deceased husband’s birthday in July of last year.

However, although the toast was a deathbed request from her husband, someone else at the cemetery didn’t take too kindly to the gathering and called the cops.

Responding officers weren’t sympathetic either, and slapped her with a nearly 80-dollar fine for causing a “ruckus.” It’s a fine she still refuses to pay. Couston’s attorney Emilie Chapuis told the paper his client is, “fighting the ticket because, beyond the fine, it’s a question of principle for a woman, who…honored the last wish of her husband.”

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