World’s Greatest Leaders. Guess Who Didn’t Make the List?

Filed under: Featured Posts,The Drive Home | Jolie is one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders,” according to Fortune magazine, but where did Barack Obama rank? Nowhere. He didn’t make the cut!

Jolie is ranked 21st and is described as an actress and a humanitarian.

The Maleficent star is joined on the list by only one other entertainer, U2‘s Bono, who comes in at number eight. Others on the list include CEOs, politicians and Pope Francis, who is number one.

Fortune Senior Editor-at-Large Geoff Colvin explained how the magazine came up with its list in a statement. “Simply running a large organization or serving in an influential role does not meet the threshold to be on this list,” he said. “All candidates had to be currently active; thus no retirees or recently deceased great leaders, such as Nelson Mandela,” Colvin said.

The statement continues, “We asked several noted leadership experts to suggest candidates, combined their ideas with others turned up by Fortune reporters, and vetted our nominees with experts in their respective fields. Then we made our final judgments based on the reality that while leadership can’t be measured, we all know it when we see it.”

Here are the top 5 people who made Fortune‘s World’s 50 Greatest Leaders:

  1. Pope Francis, Pontiff, Catholic Church
  2. Angela Merkel, Chancellor, Germany
  3. Alan Mulally, CEO,  Ford Motor Co.
  4. Warren Buffett, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway
  5. Bill Clinton, Founder, The Clinton Foundation

To see the full list log onto or pick up the latest issue of the magazine, when it hits newsstands on March 24.

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