New “The Walking Dead” Inspired Beer to be Unveiled Sunday

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walking dead beer with real brains

Dock Street Brewing Company’s Walker  pale stout, a tribute to AMC’s The Walking Dead dramatic series

Marquette, Michigan  –  March 26, 2014  –  The makers of The Walking Dead have authorized a brainy new beer according to an article in The Globe and Mail today. The beer is brewed with a cranberry base and boasts roasted goat brains among the ingredients. Mmmm… braaaainsss!

Dock Street Brewing Company in Philadelphia is making the new Walker pale stout with a picture of a zombie on the label. The beer will be officially unveiled at a screening event in conjunction with The Walking Dead season finale on Sunday night.

I’ll be watching The Walking Dead season finale, but I think I’ll stay away from the Walker beer. Would you drink this blood red brew?


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