Northern Landscapes, LLC — 20 Years of Beauty

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Just one of the MANY services that Northern Landscapes, LLC can provide you!

Just one of the MANY services that Northern Landscapes, LLC can provide you!

We all have that one rough pathway around the house.  Or the one section of lawn that we just can’t seem to get right.  Maybe you have a dream of a nice brick patio right outside of your house for grilling during the summer.  Well you may want to give Northern Landscapes, LLC a call.  For the past 20 years, Northern Landscapes of L’Anse has been turning those sometimes frustrating U.P. lawns into some of the most gorgeous real estate around.  Whether you want a new path laid down, a sprinkler system put in, or even somebody to tailor your lawn the right way, Northern Landscapes is the place for you.

With an easy to use website, Northern Landscapes LLC doesn’t just list off a bunch of mumbo-jumbo that they can do for you.  They have clear-cut details of the services they provide.  If after all that, you still aren’t sure you’d like to employ their meticulous services, they’ll come out to your estate, take a look at what you’d like done, and give you a FREE estimate on what the cost will be.  My personal favorite service they provide is the maintenance.  Fertilizing, watering, mowing… it goes on and on.  Northern Landscapes will set you up with a sprinkler system that you can set automatically to water your lawn, and whenever you need it done, they’ll come out to your place and take care of the lawn’s upkeep for you at a reasonable price.

Give Northern Landscapes a call up in L’Anse at (906) 395-1749 a call soon and start the planning to make your back yard your own personal oasis in God’s country.

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