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Let Phil & Lee's Homes guide you on your journey to your dream home

Let Phil & Lee’s Homes guide you on your journey to your dream home

Is there anything better than owning a piece of land with the intent of building on it?   The project is just about to start and the sense of excitement is just radiating within your chest.  While this feeling is commonplace throughout the world, the inhabitants of this great area, let’s call them “Yoopers”, bask in that feeling even more.  Dreams like this don’t just happen, though.  No, they require time, effort, and professionals to assist you.  Phil & Lee’s Homes is a company that has been in the home-making business since 1948, and has been helping U.P. & NE Wisconsin families ever since.  Being licensed builders in both states gives Phil & Lee’s Homes a vast amount of area to be familiar with, and they have taken that opportunity in great quantities.

With a nearly endless supply of floor plans, Phil & Lee’s will help you create your TRUE dream house.  Even if you’re not looking to build your own version of a house, Phil & Lee’s Homes are #1 in customer satisfaction when it comes to modular homes as well.  Homes built in ideal conditions (no snow, rain, or ice), but are still ready to take on the harshest of U.P. winters.  Also, if you need your furnace or plumbing looked after, they’ll help out with that too!  Nobody wants their furnace out, especially after a winter like this past one.

Give the team down at Phil & Lee’s Homes a call at 906.786.3000 or check out their website for any and all questions you may have!  Phil & Lee’s Homes… Your home is here!

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