Daniel Beltz Wins $5000 Zero Turn John Deere at Great Lakes Radio Giveaway April 3rd

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Elmer Aho (left) and his partner in crime Eric Tasson (right) at GLR's giveaway!

Elmer Aho (left) and his partner in crime Eric Tasson (right) at GLR’s giveaway!

When you have celebrities like Elmer Aho, Eric Tasson, and Luke Noordyk walking into your business, you know you’ve got something good going on.  Well that was just the case Thursday night at Red Rock Lanes and Banquet Center in Ishpeming.  We here at Great Lakes Radio love to give back to the thousands of listeners we have over our 200 mile listening range across God’s beloved Upper Peninsula.  So after receiving thousands of registrations via email and write-ins, and sending out hundreds of invites, we were ready to have a little party.  Once we decided upon our prize, we were sure that this party was going to be a success.  Who wouldn’t want a brand new 2014 John Deere Zero-Turn Mower from Michigan Sales and Equipment, Inc.?

With people lining up almost two hours before the doors were even able to be opened, we knew we had something special on our hands.  Once the doors were opened a little after 6 o’clock, people were able to mosey on in, grab a drink, chit-chat, and prepare for the night’s festivities.  As people kept piling in, we began to wonder if the staff from Mama Russo’s was up to the challenge at hand.  They were.  As per usual, Mama Russo’s had enough food for everybody and even had enough to get most people seconds if they didn’t fill up the first go ’round.  People were able to spend their down time between eating and prize drawing at the BioLife table trying to guess how many Lifesavers hard candies were in a massive jar.  There were 771, and the winner, Tyler Machiela of Marquette, was only six off with his guess of 765.  If seeing the BioLife table got you thinking, you were also able to make your way over to the Synergy Fitness table and sign up for any of the myriad of offers they had for you.

Mama Russo's fed everybody and had more to spare up at Red Rock Lanes in Ishpeming!

Mama Russo’s fed everybody and had more to spare up at Red Rock Lanes in Ishpeming!

Once everybody’s stomachs were full it was time for the traditional game that we offer those lucky invitees who wanted their chance to win a free game of bowling.  With only one shot per person, we allowed everybody with an invite slip to show off their inner Tiger Woods and try and sink a 6-foot putt uphill.  While there were a few successes, there were even more tastes of defeat in the air.  Once all the shots were taken, and the bowling games were claimed, it was time for what everybody was waiting for:  The Grand Prize drawing.  People waited with bated breath as the first few digits of the tickets were called, but only six lucky people were to make it to the semi-final stage on this night.  Once the moment of truth arrived, Dan Beltz of Marquette was the one whose face was lighting up and whose fist was pumping into the air.  And why shouldn’t he?  It was at that moment that he knew he’d be mowing his lawn in style & comfort for the next few years.

All this was possible due to our fabulous sponsors tonight:  SIR Federal Credit Union, Togo’s, Norway Springs, Carmike Cinemas, Pike Distributors & Labatt Blue, Globe Printing, and Hudson’s Classic Grill.  We here at Great Lakes Radio really enjoy reaching out to Yoopers everywhere over 200 miles of God’s country!  Thank you so much for all of your support and giving us the ability to provide you all with a wonderful night.

You can see more pictures from this wonderful night in our gallery we created by clicking RIGHT HERE!


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