All for a Cartridge of Ink

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Shopko of Marquette MI

I was so sure that Shopko was open!

Biking to Shopko for ink seemed like a quick and easy task. In fact, the bike to Shopko took less than 10 minutes! I walked quickly towards the doors as it was starting to get dark. Actually, I walked right into the automatic doors. As it turned out, Shopko had closed merely a half hour ago.

The Bypass in Marquette MI


Not to be deterred, I decided to try Walgreens and Office Max, but with no luck. Feeling up for an adventure, I hopped on my bike and started the trek to Wal-mart. It’s not that far right? I had forgotten that the entire route to Wal-mart was uphill. Ouch! Feeling accomplished, I strolled through Wal-Mart and picked up the ink that I needed.

By the time I was back on the road home, it was close to 10:30pm. Cruising back towards my house was my reward for the painfull climb earlier. When I turned

These didn't exactly help my bike trip

These didn’t exactly help my bike trip

onto a back street however, the lack of light proved to be an issue. Pot holes of every shape and size provided ample opportunity for a few scraped elbows.

I survived unscathed, though, and have never appreciated a cartridge of ink more in my life!

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