A Full Moon on Friday the 13th

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Picture of Full Moon May 2014 Rebecca Broeders

My daughter snapped this picture of last month’s full moon from our deck. Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Broeders

Ishpeming, Michigan –  June 13, 2014  –  If you’ve been on any social media today I’m sure you’re aware that today is Friday the 13th and that the moon is full.

It’s a rare occurrence, but no more rare than the full moon falling on any other random day/date combination. I guess if you’re superstitious, it would mean more to you.

I’m not superstitious, but I do love gazing at the moon on a beautiful early summer night. I could sit outside and watch the moon all night long — or at least until the mosquitoes try to carry me away! (By the way, if you’re still looking for mosquito repellant, I saw some on the shelves at Snyders in Ishpeming.)

Why not send us a photo of how the full moon looks from your house? You can submit your photos using the contact form here. I’d be happy to put together a gallery of full moon pictures.


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