Cuts and Bruises – Ouch!

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DJCutI never thought giving my horse a bath would be so painful! When my horse pushed himself against a wall to avoid getting his feet wet, I just laughed. Suddenly alarmed, my horse lunged forward.

I felt the sting beside my eye, but it faded quickly and I forgot about it, focusing BlackEyeinstead on the fact that my horse was shaking. Surely water couldn’t be that traumatizing? Inspecting DJ, I realized that he had cut himself on the wall. After the initial shock and a few minutes of “oh my gosh my horse is going to die!”, it finally sunk in that DJ would recover.

The next morning, I walked sleepily into the bathroom and balked at the figure in the mirror! What happened to my eye? Jeez! It’s so… puffy. I guess I shouldn’t have dismissed that sting so quickly.

With a little ice and some anti-bacterial cream, DJ and I are both healing well. Luckily, there was no permanent damage done!

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