Brat Heaven at Super One Foods of Marquette — Major Discount with the “Brat-cast”

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The winner of the his/her steaks radio contest:  Rick O'Donald of Marquette!

Rick O’Donald of Marquette got to walk away from Super One today with a pair of His/Her steaks!

MARQUETTE, MI – July 3, 2014 – On the eve of America’s 238th birthday, Major Discount was bringing you some delicious intel on where to get your Fourth of July party favors.  Super One in Marquette had all the brats you could possibly want today at their store.

Super One’s Meat Department was on point today, as they were giving away samples of brats, some free buns, and even gave some steaks to a lucky man who happened to be listening to 103-FXD at the right time!  Rick O’Donald was the big winner and got to bring home a steak for “Him” and a steak for “Her” as the meat department participated in the His/Hers steak giveaway.

On her 51st birthday, Betsy gets to talk to the Major about all the upcoming 4th of July plans!

So be sure to come on down to Super One in Marquette and see some delicious brats!  Whether its the “Isle Royal”, the “Capone”, the “Beer-brat”, or even the “A-bomb”, Super One has got you covered with 18 DIFFERENT KINDS OF BRATS!  They’ll be there until 6pm tonight.

On her 51st birthday, Bestsy gets to talk to the Major about all the upcoming 4th of July plans!

Happy birthday to Betsy Cappoferri! Major Discount had the honor of talking with the birthday girl.

Be sure to click on the link below to hear all of the action that the Major called from Super One in Marquette.  The Majore got to talk with Pete (Super One’s Meat Manager), Betsy Cappoferri (who happened to turn 51-years young today!), an Ishpeming native Jessica who heard the event on SunnyFM, along with the Super One Manager Robert Delongchamp.  Click the link below to listen in!

Listen to Major Discount’s Interviews HERE!

If you’d like to see more pictures from Thursday’s event, click HERE!

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