What Makes a Great Log Home?

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hiawatha log homes munising michigan

Hiawatha Log Homes in Munising will help make your dream home a reality.

Munising, Michigan  –  April 13, 2015  – At Hiawatha Log Homes, they know that the best log homes start with the best logs and the best people. Here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, there’s plenty of both.

Hiawatha Log Homes are built with structurally graded Northern White Cedar and Northern Red Pine logs, harvested right here in Upper Michigan. Hiawatha Log Homes harvests the logs in the middle of winter when the trees are dormant. The sap and moisture content are low at this time of year so there is less stress on the logs while they are kiln-dried. Logs stay straight and don’t twist as they dry so every log in your new home fits together perfectly.

Win this $7,500 Hiawatha Oulu Lodge Sauna Kit from Hiawatha Log Homes in Munising and Great Lakes Radio.

Win this $7,500 Hiawatha Oulu Lodge Sauna Kit from Hiawatha Log Homes in Munising and Great Lakes Radio.

CEO Joe Esbrook knows that Hiawatha’s future is dependent on the forests in the Upper Peninsula, and so Hiawatha Log Homes is guided by an ongoing commitment to energy conservation and environmental sustainability. All timber purchased is harvested under guidelines set forth by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and any waste from the milling process is used to heat the kiln in the drying process.

The forests of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are enjoyed by Yoopers and tourists alike, providing clean water and air, medicines and paper products, recreation opportunities, and even materials to build homes for our families. Hiawatha Log Homes values the principle of stewardship and embraces wise use of resources with proper regard for the rights of others.

Hiawatha Log Homes – the best logs, the best people – the best log homes for over 35 years.

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