Super One Foods Marquette July 3rd Cookout

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July 3rd cookout at Super One Foods in Marquette, MI on Friday, July 3rd, 2015Marquette, MI – July 3, 2015 – It was time to celebrate at Super One Foods in Marquette, MI! The Fourth of July was nearly upon us when Major Discount and Bill Tibor were at Super One Marquette for their annual July 3rd cookout. You could find everything you ever wanted for your ideal cookout at Super One Foods, and The Major, joined by Bill Tibor, was there to bring all of the fun to you live!

The tables outside of Super One Foods were filled with the best meat, thanks to the amazing meat department at Super One, which could be smelled cooking for miles around. The smell of cooking steak and brats drew people in from all over, including the returning Adam Carpenter, host of the Adam Carpenter Outdoor Show.

Besides all the select meat, USDA steaks, and brats available, there was a great selection of fresh produce, and there were even icy cold beverages to help keep everyone cool! They have fresh sweet corn, fresh fruit, and only the freshest steaks for your 4th of July! They even donated the proceeds from the cookout to the Janzen House in Marquette, which helps fight homelessness in our area!

Super One Foods in Marquette is your one stop shop for everything this Fourth of July! Stop by and pick up something from their amazing store! They have a selection of 23 different kinds of brats for you to choose, so everyone can find something they like!

We hope you had an amazing time with Bill and The Major, and a special thanks goes out to Super One Foods and Great Lakes Radio! Without them, none of this would have been possible!

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