Catch a Great Deal at Super One Foods Marquette Friday Fish Sale!

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Marquette, MI December 16, 2016 – Major Discount can’t pass up a bargain, so he headed over to Super One Foods in Marquette to do a LIVE broadcast from their fantastic Friday Fish Sale.

Super One Foods always has low prices, but today they’ve slashed prices on seafood! Entertaining this holiday season? You’ll find Gulf Shrimp for just $8.99 a pound and wild caught lobster tails for just $4.94! Maybe one of your guests doesn’t eat seafood… that’s not a problem. Grab some Choice Black Angus Boneless New York Strips – 8-9 lb. boneless steaks are just $3.49 each!

Major Discount caught up with Pete “the Meat Man” Kolbus at Super One Foods to talk about the sale. The deals today are really great!

Stop by Super One Foods in Marquette today, they already have the lowest prices and the best quality and you can take advantage of their low prices any day of the week. Super One Foods is right in your neighborhood and has convenient hours and fresh products… perfect for your busy life!

Check Out the Audio Below!
Major Discount welcomes you to the Super One Foods Seafood and Meat Sale
Ryan Ranguette chats with the Major
Major Discount speaks with neighbor Jim
Super One Foods went all out for their sale
Manager Terri and the Major sample some great fish
There was lots of delicious fish for sale
Pete fires-up the prime rib samples
Merry Christmas from Super One Foods
Major Discount thanks you for coming out